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And Then There are the Birds

Continuing where I left off from this post, today I'd like to show you the bird variety to be found at the Brevard Zoo. Having been to various places where birds and animals can be seen, most of them are not new to me, however, I never tire of both watching, and admiring, the astonishing array of colors on birds. Looking at this fact sheet, I learned that there are nearly 10,000 species of birds, making my knowledge of birds a grain of sand in the universe. I urge you to click on that link if you want to be amazed at the numbers of species in our beautiful world! Who knew there were 30,000 fish species?????

Without further ado, we'll make our way around the zoo admiring the birds. Parrots, who, amongst you, is not captivated by their colors?
As it should be, the African Crowned Cranes are near the zebras, rhinos, and giraffes.
I only wish that I could have taken a photo up close and personal as this person did. Click the link for a beautiful photograph!

This little guy was roaming around the area in front of the aviary. I saw no sign, and after doing some research, I still do not know what kind of bird this is, but cute comes to mind.
Duh, how about checking the zoo website instead of Google? This, my friends, is a Masked Lapwing. Apparently they are common in Australia, a place I imagine I'll never visit.

There are a load of cockatiels in the aviary, ready to be fed.
Remember what I said in my last post about the glare of the Florida sun? The cockatoo prefers larger fare.
I now know that this is a Nicobar Pigeon from Indonesia, yet another country I'll only be visiting through the stamp collection. Now that I know it is a pigeon, I see it, however, before reading up on it, I was clueless. I just can't get over the beautiful color of those feathers.
If you are of a certain age, you can't help but sing a little song in your head when you see the Kookaburra, one we learned in childhood. For the record, I did not hear it laugh!
Perhaps because it was not sitting in an old gum tree?

And then there is the Wrinkled Hornbill.
As best as I can tell, this is a male, which does not surprise me at all, what with those crazy long eye lashes. Isn't that always the way?
Seriously, the guys always get the long lashes. :)

Flamingoes, who, amongst you, does not swoon over flamingoes? The Chilean variety is a lovely shade of pale coral.
One of these days I hope to see a Roseate Spoonbill in the wild, however, I'm still waiting for that day to arrive. In the meantime, I give you this.
Their head reminds me of a Woodstork, not particularly attractive, but oh my the feathers....
On one of my three trips to see the zebras, I saw the ACC from a different vantage point. Hard to get enough of these magnificent birds, or so that is how I see it. (no pun intended!)
Finally, staying in the Crane family, an elegant bird if ever there were one, a Sandhill Crane makes its way through the water.....
Had enough birds for one day?

While I was typing this I got to thinking that our son Matthew has visited so many different countries, if he were a bird lover, he could have a hey day! Me, I'll just have to be content with the zoo.

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