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The Mayor Visits the Market...and other news.

Let's begin June 2015 with a blog post, shall we?

My friend Sue and I had a visit the other day, actually we met in front of the "owl houses." She'd been by our home to drop off an adorable carved wooden owl she'd bought for me at the thrift store. Super cute. Actually, she'd left it by the driveway, and didn't tell me what she'd left. I had to wait until I returned from her home where she has the most incredible display of passion flowers. Engulfing a neighbor's huge shrub they continue about twenty five feet on her fence.
Not only are they beautiful, but fragrant too! After a good visit, I rode home, and much to my delight, I discovered this little cutie.
She finds the darndest things at the thrift store...sort of like a second sense that I don't possess. :)

Earlier in the week Bruce sent me an email asking for a Friday night date to see this show. And you might just be wondering why he sent this invitation via email? Or so you should. Anyway, turns out the people who put this show together are the same art consultants that he will be working with for his Earl's projects. So, because he got it via email, I did as well. Now that we have that all sorted out.....

Before the show we went back to The Strand on Mills Avenue for supper. Not only was it delicious, but "Leave it to Beaver" was playing on the television!! Man I loved that show!
The vibe there is just great, and if you're the friendly type, you might just meet some interesting folks like we did. First, the two teenage children of the owners, who explained, a little sadly, I might add, that their parents were at the restaurant ALL of the time. With the attention to detail shown, it is no wonder. As well, the owners of The Car Bar were seated adjacent to us at the bar. Big deal right? The shop is nearby on Orange Avenue, and they have been in business for 37 years, which in Orlando is practically a record. Furthermore, and this is the most unbelievable part, somehow the woman got around to telling me that their daughter is a model and that she is the Carl's Jr. girl. If you are like me, you did not know who she was, but after the woman showed me her photo on the phone, followed by answering my questions about her body, as in, she is not enhanced, I checked her out on Google when we got home. Oh my goodness!! Some amongst you may find it interesting that she dropped out of Boone High School to pursue this "career."

So, the show is in a very, very ORANGE building on Mills Avenue--you seriously can't miss it. This is what we saw:
Coincidentally, on Wednesday while B was out of town, I did a binge reading session with the latest book by Haruki Murakami, the greatest living Japanese author, giving me good conversation fodder. The book sold a million copies in Japan the day it was released, so I felt pretty sure he'd read it. And, although Kenji Nakayama has lived in America for 10 years, he had.
A lovely, humble young man.

If you're squeamish, quickly move past the next image which we discovered in the yard while mowing.
An eagle nearby, perhaps? So, so glad B was home to pick it up!!!

The mayor came to the market on Sunday. Mind you, it was not to visit with the vendors or anything, instead, he was shooting a campaign video which really creeps me out, as he has not been to the market in say, five years, or so.
See that horrible, phony smile? Remarkably, the cameraman was our next door neighbor Ely!!!
You might note his left leg? As a 16 year old, he had bone cancer, necessitating removal. Around the neighborhood he wears a steel stick prosthesis, so I was surprised to see this model, which must be his working leg. As to the market report--very slow sales, and an early closing due to purported weather problems, which did not materialize, but I was glad to go home just the same!!

Around the house here, I found this kind of interesting:
Hummingbirds have no interest in this feeder, however, the bees sure are enjoying it! On the bird front, they are super plentiful of late.
Saturdays, after finishing the lawn, I fill this feeder to the brim, and by the following Saturday it is empty. Plus, I have a second one this big!
In case you are wondering, the capacity is around five pounds!! Much to my surprise, while looking through the kitchen window, I saw a papa cardinal, and what I figured were two adolescents. Taken through the screen, it is soft but cute.
Honestly, I was shocked because the nest in the Lady Palms appeared to have been abandoned, with no babies in sight. Woo hoo!

Finally, the owl siblings hanging out together...
We sure could use some of that Texas rain about now. May was super dry and although it is clouding up as I type, I suspect it will pass us by.

Only time will tell,

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