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The Scenic Route

For someone who others might call a "super sleeper," I did not live up to my reputation on my little trip. In fact, I slept so poorly that after waking up, AND staying up, at 4AM on Thursday morning, I decided that was that. No sleep, no blood pressure medicine--time to head home. One advantage, on the other hand, was that I was able to drive over to Vilano Beach for the sunrise.

After two different folks suggested I go there, I took it as a sign that I should. One, a nearby gallery owner, went so far as to give me directions to her "private" spot. Now every sunrise photographer knows that the best shots are generally before sunrise, so leaving the apartment just after five, I steadied my nerves, and drove across the bridge to get there. Bridges and I are not friends as some of you already know. Once over the bridge, I could not remember which way she told me to turn, so I did what I could to find a lovely spot to watch the upcoming sky show. Turns out I found a good one.

Walking up, I was greeted by this gorgeous view..
Recently I heard someone say that the best show on earth is visible to anyone every day--the sky, and I tend to agree with that person. Ever-changing, one never knows what will happen up above. Of course, Florida may be different than other parts of the world, so there's that. Scattered about the area were maybe ten others waiting to see the beginning of June 4, 2015 unfold. Or, more aptly, the daylight portion!!

Let's see, on most Florida beaches you can photograph the sky, the sand, the waves and water, and perhaps the sea oats. Every now and again there are some interesting fences, as well as some flowers, but mostly that is about it. Oh yeah, a lifeguard stand works too.
To my right, I discovered a small jetty which can also make a good photographic subject in the right conditions. A photographer and a couple were waiting around the jetty for just the right moment to take, what I'm presuming, some "engagement photos," which anyone who knows me knows how corny I think that is. But I digress...
The tidal area the jetties produce is where I decided to hang out until sunrise. A lovely rosy glow appears on the western horizon, as does a reflection of the mostly full moon on the wet sand.
Talk about some sky beauty, right? A small cluster of shorebirds were doing their thing along the water's edge...
Some folks love a good sunset, and you can count me among that group, but what I really love is a sunrise marking the start of another great day. I was not disappointed.
Apparently these creative folks weren't either, taking the chance to do a little evangelizing!
Just look indeed.

As I was heading back over the bridge I saw this:
Creativity everywhere you look!

After breakfast, the bike came back out, and I rode around for one last time. Now here's a sight you don't see every day...
I'm not quite sure what life the circle led before becoming a door ornament, but the other two pieces, aside from the pot, sure look like chair supports to me! The streets are so narrow in that part of town, and there are folks out enjoying the horse drawn carriages tours on most streets.
Riding a different direction than the previous day I saw more great houses, and something quite curious to me...porch columns made from palm tree trunks! Several houses on that street did the same. I suppose indigenous people have done something similar for ages, but it was new to me.
Not to mention crazy cuteness in the decor! Returning from the beach I just did not have the nerve to park in the garage again, opting instead for the paid parking lot adjacent to the building. This worked to my advantage in two ways; one, I was not a crazed woman, and two, I was able to return my bike to the Pilot without fear of hitting the wall in the garage. A men's Bible Study was just letting out from the church across the lane, and one elderly gentleman called out to me, saying he'd watched me rolling the bike in and was suitably impressed. I'll take that!

I took the scenic route home, rather than the fast-paced interstate, and was it every scenic.! My goodness, it was just lovely, with very few cars sharing the road. Great pine forests lined the roadway, with bonus points for NO billboards marring the lovely views.
A disclaimer here...I held the camera up, with one hand on the wheel, and just shot, so no lives were endangered! Travel time was very close to the interstate route with absolutely no stress. What's not to like about the scenic route?

Awaiting my next adventure,

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