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A Tale of Two House Plants

My boy Jordan came close, however, as they say, golf is a game of inches, and he came up a few short. Good try though from a super classy young man. I mention this because I spent more time than you want to know, watching him play at The Open.

That said, I did find time to do some things, just later in the day. I am still crazy about those sunflowers out front, with more on the way. Remember how I mentioned they were interfering with the birds? Here's all the proof you need. One whole perch rendered useless for the moment.
Absolutely saving me a little on bird seed. Over the last week, during the opening process, it has been fun to see how each flower is a little different, and then too, how the biggest bloom changes over time.
Pretty neat, huh?

For more than two hours I talked to Matt on Saturday, while Bruce was building a vanity cabinet for Bill out in the garage. For lunch I fixed the two of them a root beer float with this delicious, and I mean delicious, soda I found on sale at Home Goods. Have you ever heard of Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer before? Like candy.

Back to the conversation with Matt, well actually a Face Time visit, which is always a good thing. During our visit he showed me around their garden, and is it ever spectacular, with flowers I cannot grow, and all manner of fruit trees, herbs, and some tomato plants groaning with fruit. Having lived in the city for so long, it is proving to be such a joy for the both of them having space to once again grow plants. Which brings me to today's title. Once upon a time, as in nearly twenty years ago, Matthew had a hanging basket in his dorm room at FSU of the easy to grow, golden pathos plant. So easy in fact, that once he graduated, and came home, he placed it in our back yard while he went to live in London for six months. It was not long before it began spreading, and truth be told, it is still doing just that! So, that's one house plant, the other is a palm that once stood in a pot somewhere in the house, can't remember much about it because it has been a while. Anyway, apparently I took it out back, and did it ever take off, or should I say up? Oh my goodness it is so huge, and a mess besides. I spent some time Saturday trimming it, however, there's no way I can really do much with it because of the height which is not clearly shown because I was too lazy to go inside to get a camera without a fixed lens.
So, while trimming, I went over to our neighbor's side to trim away any that hung into their space. While there, lo and behold, I found the pathos growing up the fence like mad. Ripping it off, I'm hoping to stem the time!
Those leaves were getting mighty big; am I ever glad I found it before it took over the whole fence, which is it's nature! The moral of the careful with your houseplants, they can, and probably will, become more than you bargained for.

I also went to visit Monica for a much needed hair cut. Apparently in the summer sun it is growing just like everything outside--more than I might want! While she was cutting, I was talking--no surprise there, right? Anyway, after telling her that we went to the Parliament House, she told me a story which I think you will get a kick out of. She said that years ago she was in the dressing room helping the guys with their wigs. The mirror was coated with old hair spray which she proceeded to begin cleaning. The response from the drag queens? "Honey, no need to do that, we are men and look so much better in a dirty mirror!"
Perhaps I should try that! Monica is getting married in November a week, after Nadav and Crystal who are also marrying in St. Augustine! I'm so happy that she has now found true love. I met her at the market when she bought a few things from me, and Bruce and I have been going to her ever since. Darling girl. Something else that might bring a smile--she used to be the hairstylist for the NKOTB--styling Justin Timberlake, back in the day. :)

The market was both hot and busy. Go figure on the crowd portion. Well, probably my good sales part as well. Generally the summer is when my sales sink, but so far that has not happened, for which I am grateful. Last week a sweet woman stopped while doing her daily walk, and had some very complimentary things to say. In addition, she said she would return soon, which is a line I've heard a gazillion times, and then some. Well, lo and behold, she did return with her husband this week who is pictured below after their stop.
So funny that both cops, one of whom is 6'8" tall (!) stood adjacent to my booth, taking advantage of my fan. Then too, the singers who were performing at the market for the first time, spent their entire break in my booth, standing over the fan.  Look who came to the market with me...
Well, I got some news at the market that is slightly unsettling. Yup, I did. Bruce called me because he heard it first, while I was still home having breakfast. I am to be moved from the spot I've had for seven years. Not far, but still. As you can imagine I was not exactly thrilled, but the move won't be far. Actually it is all being worked out as to how far away from my current spot I will be moving. The gist of it is this--the City has voted our current beer and wine folks out, instead the libations will be sold by The World of Beer folks who opened their restaurant about 100 yards behind my booth in the Post Parkside building. That is a whole 'nother story.

Anyway, time will tell. I am trying to stay upbeat about it, but I will say, I'm not much one for change.

Blessed, nonetheless,

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