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A Perfect Weekend

Just having the man of the house home for the weekend is cause for celebration, but I was blessed with more besides! The weather...always the weather, right? Friday afternoon the skies were filled with gorgeous bands of wispy clouds.
Sue sent me a text after lunch saying the shelves were in, and I scooted right over to see them for myself. I was not in the least surprised to find she was already filling them up with her vintage goodies. She wouldn't let me take her photo, but her husband Dylan was home and he wasn't one bit shy about showing off their brand new kitchen!
The subway tile looks great doesn't it? Everyone's doing it.

Bruce came home exhausted, but happy to see us, as we were him. I was super surprised that following dinner at home he was able to stay awake, probably because the series I found on Netflix to watch was very engaging. Called "Longmire", I have no idea how I found it, but apparently, according to this link, we are not the only ones who like it. If you enjoy a good mystery/drama, with both good acting and plot lines, not to mention, fine acting, you just might want to get on the Longmire bandwagon.

Saturday morning broke gray and overcast, however, that time was put to good use around here chatting with Matt on Facetime, with Tom making sporadic appearances. For the first time in what seems like ages, our Internet connection was perfect, and we chatted for nearly two hours on subjects ranging from urban foxes to the shootings in Oregon which has everyone up in arms.  (no pun intended!) The skies cleared, I jumped in the pool to be cool, and mowed the lawn, not really breaking a sweat, which is good news indeed. Clean sheets, clean clothes, FSU won their football game, albeit in a super sloppy fashion--what more could a girl ask for? And what was Mr. Bruce doing during this time? Need you ask?

That said, he did quit working long enough for a dinner date to North Quarter Tavern. He is seriously needing a haircut soon!
Don't ask me why I did not get one of him smiling because he is such a good smiler. Anyway, the night air was "coolish" as we walked to and from the car adding much to the evening's enjoyment.

Sunday morning we experienced a first! How can this be at our age? Haven't we seen it all? No, apparently we haven't. We are still figuring out the timing for our drive to Winter Park, thus we were about twenty minutes early. As Bruce was checking his phone for work related stuff, I pulled my camera out of my purse to amuse myself. Well, I'm glad I had it with me. Our first clue that something was not quite right was the sighting of this truck.
I see now, after looking closely at the photograph, that they have their own website, which I will NOT be checking out. That young woman you see in the gold t-shirt? Verbally accosting us, she wanted to know if we thought homosexuality was a sin? We explained otherwise, which as we learned later was not exactly the right move. Her rantings followed us as we crossed the street.
Who these folks were, I do not know, however, the use of children in this protest against both abortion and homosexuality did not set well with me. Music was blaring, and a passionate "preacher" was "preaching" in front of the church entrance.
Visitors welcome indeed. At the door we were given a little handout explaining the reason for the protest, and in very gracious language suggested it was best not to engage with them because it was unlikely you would change their mind, anymore so than they could change yours. During the service you could just barely hear their chanting outside the sanctuary, but, although there weren't quite as many as we left, they were anything but subtle in their message.
Well, that's one way to put it, or maybe five ways? Aside from that, or maybe in addition to how the church staff handled it, we are very much enjoying attending a worship service again.

Following church we made our way to the MINI dealership so I could see for myself the orange MINI that Jonathan and Alissa got a few weeks ago. Well, color me orange!
Sorely tempted, I resisted buying one for myself, however, who knows how long I can hold out? Inside they have this:
Woo-Hooooo! Indeed. An original MINI. Love it!!

Next up was heading over to Bill and Fallon's to pick them up for lunch. Not only did we see the beautiful job Bill is doing on grouting his new pool deck, but the inside looked super as well. Following a discussion we decided on Firebirds, and we were glad we did. A lively discussion and good food. What's not to like?
One of these days I'm going to take a photograph of Fallon without her sunglasses atop her head!

Are you beginning to understand why I said the weekend was perfect? Spending time with two of our sons always makes things better. If all that weren't enough, we joined our friends for Hill's Happy Hour ,which was fun as usual, and made even better because no one was sweating! Bunker hoped I had brought my camera, which I had not, so that I could photograph his flowers, which I intend to do as soon as I click on publish. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm up early to be with Bruce before he left again for the final week before opening. Won't be long now, and in fact, next Monday at this time I will be beside him on the plane heading to DC! To say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement!

Some folks have been making "friends" online since they got on Facebook. Me, that happened some years earlier on Flickr. One "friend" I made through that site is an Italian woman, living in Southern California. and practicing law.  A Brown graduate, she has provided me with hours of entertainment over the past nine years, including a recent post about a trip she and her Mom took to meet some long lost relatives in San Fransisco. My sister Lisa has been there multiple times, and I'm wondering if she ever went to this place. The little film about Sutro Baths is fascinating, made even more so to me because some of the footage was shot by none other than Thomas Alva Edison, one of my childhood heroes! Check it out!

Now, about Bunker's flowers.....

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