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Friday the Second

Having watched a fair amount of documentaries in the last year, I can say without question the one that had me in tears from beginning to end is Alive Inside. Have you heard of it? In the last few years I've listened to a few radio pieces about the power of music, but actually watching people come alive after years of unresponsiveness is both inspiring, and heartbreaking.
You can watch it on Netflix if you have it, and I hope that you do! I suspect it will set your heart soaring!
Combining two of my favorites, music and older folks, I will definitely be donating to this worthy cause.

It was only last evening, while talking to Pam about sleeping problems, that I shared with her how the year that I was not well, I would go to sleep with my iPod to distract me from the pain. It was such a blessing to me, and to see the folks in the nursing homes come to life while listening to personalized music had me bawling. Apple, where are you in all this???

We were chatting during the intermission of the play we'd gone to see at the Mad Cow Theater. Called "You Can't Take it With You," it won the Pulitzer Prize back in 1937 for best drama.  Pat invited me to be her date, which I was happy to accept rather than face another night home alone. Plus, there was food! Pam made another spectacular meal. I mean seriously good. There is nothing Pam does not do well.
The mayonnaise in the foreground, or I guess I should be calling it by the fancy name, aioli, was so delicious when paired with the perfectly cooked asparagus. Oh my! And the truth is, the meal was more enjoyable than the play! Not that the play wasn't good, but it is what might be called zany, and loud, and let's face it, the Mad Cow theater is pretty small for all that. Or, it seemed that way to me. A very large cast of characters...
It was my first time seeing a play in the new space, well they've been there two years, but it is new to me and it is really nice. Walking over to Church Street from a parking garage on Pine Street, the sun and clouds were putting on a show.
Closer to home, on my morning bike ride I saw this...
The folks on the other side of this wall have listed their home for sale, and while there may be other reasons, this wall may be contributing to their desire to move. It was only just a few months ago that another careless driver did the same thing; I'm thinking it was only repaired a month or so ago! Pay attention folks!

I wish I knew how to download photos from emails because I would give you a preview of the restaurant which looks smashing, to say the least! Bruce took a bunch this morning before heading to the airport for his afternoon flight. Seeing the chefs in the kitchen with food on the counters is thrilling. Soon...I'm bound to be able to figure it out.

The wind chimes are going like crazy outside and I think what it means is a COLD front is moving in!!! I saw that the overnight temperatures were to be in the mid 60's this weekend! Oh happy day.

Happy weekend to all!


p.s. Ignore any critical reviews of the film...they are just plain cold hearted folks who've probably never once set foot into a nursing home!!!

p.p.s I was thinking about Matt Stromberg in the last few months of his life--his iPod was on constantly and I remember Angela saying if she heard Talking Heads one more time she was going to scream but it sure brought Matt comfort. :)
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