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Well, we are finally back to the here and now, following the trip to DC. What's been happening? Plenty.

I suppose you probably wondered what exactly the chair that caused such a ruckus around here looks like? Well, here you go...
He sure is a handsome fellow don't you think? I know I shouldn't put you on the spot like that, nor do I think Mr. Bruce would like me writing it, but, seriously, I can't help myself!!

My friend Sue's kitchen is complete, and she's having fun decorating with an ever changing tableau on the counters and shelves. When last I visited, one counter looked like this:
I need to ask her more about that portion control scale--very intriguing. The shabbier the better as far as Sue is concerned--same goes with rust--she's crazy for it!
I love seeing how she turns all her thrift store finds into something beautiful. While on the subject of friends, Pam re-introduced me to her Portland friend, Irene, who is looking to move, possibly here, in the near future. Apparently I met her a year or two ago, but, everyone knows how horrible my memory is! Actually, once we began talking about a mutual interest, everything came back to me.

So, just what is our mutual interest? Sewing!! Irene loves to sew! Rarely do I meet a kindred spirit on that front. We had a blast talking about sewing, much to the chagrin of others less interested in the subject. :) Although not life-long friends, they've been sharing their lives for more than thirty years.
I was super crazy for Irene's homemade dress, wanting one for myself! Thursday, well that was only a few days ago wasn't it? Anyway, since I've not been selling, I've been looking to do some volunteering; on Thursdays the paper runs some notices for just that. I saw something that required a knowledge of sewing (!), called Days for Girls International.  Have you heard of it? Sounding vaguely familiar, I thought I might be a good fit, so my next query was checking out the location; Wandering Stitches Quilting Studio. About six miles from here, of all things it is situated in an office park rather than a retail location. Friday morning I drove over to give it a look see, and was I ever surprised. Fantastic place!! Gorgeous fabrics! Amazing machines! Friendly people!
Much to my surprise, they are celebrating five years in business. Apparently, people who love to sew have found them just fine and dandy. As the name implies, there are plenty of quilts on display, as well as some in process. Below one of the shop workers is adding some batting to a quilt on the amazing computerized quilting machine.
Although I had no specific project in mind, I could not help buying some fabric, as I found myself surrounded by more beautiful fabric in one place than I can hardly ever remember. A little after two in the afternoon, Pam called saying she and Irene were stopping by. Great! While we were chatting I mentioned the store, and the next thing you know, Pam is driving us back there. In a small shop like that you can imagine the folks were surprised to see me a second time in one day! Irene was in fabric heaven as well, and even Pam, a mostly non-sewer got into it. The three of us gathered round to watch the quilting machine in action.
Isn't machinery great? Today, I saw the finished product hanging on the wall.
Following our trip to the store, we went over to Jennifer and Alex's house for a little visit. Seeing as it was my first time visiting their home, a little tour was part of the agenda. Apparently, at one time they had Koi fish in their pond, however, otters from the lake across the street made their way through storm drains and into their pond for a feast. Goldfish are safe.
I promised new stuff, and I'm not disappointing am I? Here's a wonderful new mural downtown on Jefferson Street. I love the unsaturated colors. Surprised? I am too, what with how much I love full blown color!
After church we took a little walk in Central Park, located on Park Avenue, in Winter Park. Is there a record for using Park in a sentence, because if not, I think I've just set it! But what else is a girl to do?
Our purpose was to see for ourselves some new public art that I think is temporary, however, I'm a little sketchy on the details. Nonetheless, how do you feel about these? Amazingly lifelike they are made out of resin or fiberglass? Bruce was unimpressed with the concrete work.
On the far right in the photo above, you might notice a woman looking like an old fashioned convict strolling along with her dog. She would be walking to some sort of Halloween contest for dogs?

Mr. Baxter is looking new too, what with a major haircut and all.
Leaving the house this morning around 9:30, I said to Bruce, it is always an experience meeting a group of new people, but generally most folks are nice, so I expect that will be the case. Well, my expectations were exceeded. Everyone I met was super nice and friendly. Here is a sample kit...
Made from scrap fabric it is ingenious, including two pairs of panties, a wash cloth and soap, as well as an additional plastic bag to be used as a washing receptacle. Today they had one of their best ever turn outs of volunteers, at one point eighteen woman worked for four hours straight.
The woman on the far left worked long hours cutting all the pieces to be sewn beforehand. Mostly it was older women, such as myself, however, it was nice to see a few young women in the group. Once everything was sewn, the kits were packed.
Two batches were completed, one for girls, and one for postpartum women. I'm only showing some of what was accomplished today. In fact, with so many ladies today, the work was done an hour ahead of time, as well as more being completed than our organizer dared hope for. From here they will travel to Malawi, where classes will be held on how to utilize them. The next meet up is scheduled for November 30th. Lord willing, I'll be there!

Happy to be of service,

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