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Small Town, Big Town

It seems as if I've been hot for as long as I can remember; the summer heat has dragged on forever so I'd pretty much forgotten what it is to be cold. Waking early on Friday morning, I got Bruce to accompany me down to the river for sunrise. Waiting in the warmth of the car while I took photos from every spot I could use! While doing so I realized my hands were getting mighty chilly. Freezing temperatures will do that to a person.
Once the sun rose higher than pictured, I jumped back into the car and we decided to see if there were other places along the levy walls where you could access the river. We drove and drove, and before you know it, we were on another road and crossing another river. I saw there was a boat launch sign and B agreed to drive down in there so I could see what I could see. Fantastic sight is what I saw!
It is not often that I see steam rising from a body of water due to cold, that's for sure. Oh yeah, before you read on, I must warn you this will be l…

An Entertaining Chauffeur

Before I get to the business of pie making, let's go back to Kentucky, shall we?

Pretty much every time we are traveling and said travel includes a water view, I make it my business to photograph the sunrise. The Ohio River is but a mile down the road from the b&b so after waking early I threw on some clothes and drove there.
Welcome to Paducah indeed. As you can see I missed the actual sunrise, arriving a wee bit late, however, it was still pretty and peaceful with barge traffic just beginning to show life. Below, if you look at the right side of the photograph you will see how the Tennessee River merges with the Ohio.
The cloudless sky was a welcome sign for our upcoming tour through the countryside. I was absolutely dying over these red, red, trees.
Our hostess asked us the previous night what time did we want breakfast, and 7:30 was the agreed upon time, so as to not keep Hilary waiting. Here's another look at the place, opened in April, it is lovely inside, albeit wit…