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Rolled Pizza

No regular reader of Camera Crazy from afar will be surprised to hear that the Sentinel ran an article yesterday stating that January was one of the top ten wettest months recorded since 1880 when weather reports became the norm. That said, I'm usually a little skeptical of said records because the paper stated that the official precipitation total for Orlando was 5.6 inches. That is way under what my rain gauge told me; four inches alone, fell in the last days of January. In any case, it was way wetter than we've come to expect. More like summer rain really.

February began with very dense fog..
This is taken on the shores of Lake Gem Mary, and believe it or not, water is behind the crows! There have been a ton of times in the past that I tried so very hard to get water droplets on something with little to no success. The fog made all the difference in the photo below!
Water behind this as well! There were tons of spider webs around there as you can barely see on the right side of the photo. Extraordinary that such a tiny spider can create such a large web, don't you think?
It must have been my lucky day because I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to get a clear photo of a Tufted Titmouse, again with limited success. I was beside our neighbor's peach tree, which is just beginning to bloom, should you care. Hearing some movement, I scanned the branches and took a shot. Woo hoo!!
Isn't he the cutest??

Heading over to get some new watch batteries installed, as I was coming up to the stop sign at Pershing and Ferncreek, a hawk flew right in front of me. Well, you already know that I had to pull over in spite of not having a zoom lens. Turns out it was a Red Shouldered Hawk...can you see those red shoulders?
I had lunch with Sherri the other day, and while we were eating, Matt called to let me know he is booking tickets to come home Thanksgiving week this year!! Woo hoo--plenty of cooks in the kitchen this year. On my way home, I stopped at a favorite place of mine, Something Different on Orange Avenue. For the longest time I've been stopping there, whenever I'm in the area, hoping to find a suitable end table to replace the one I gave to Sue. More like us, is what I was hoping to find. It was my lucky day again as I did come across something very different, and supremely functional. I didn't take the plunge though, instead I wanted to ponder it a little. As I was leaving, this scene unfolded in front of my eyes.
A set decorator could NOT have staged it any better!! I went back yesterday, purchasing what I think will be a great addition to our living room.
Amazing piece of furniture, the likes no one has ever seen before, or at least not me, the guy in the shop who has seen a thing or two I might add, nor Bruce, who also has seen a thing or two. All three of what look like drawers, pull out to provide little tables!! How did I get so lucky?? We have needed table space on that side of the room for ages, and I'm thinking this will be perfect. Oh how I love finding great used furniture!!

So, as you can tell, I have gotten away from my sewing machine for a few days. After church on Sunday we stopped at Trader Joes, using some unexpected, not to be confused with unwanted, gift cards from Pat and Ruth. So often they have great flowers, and this time it was no different. Oh my those daisies and irises!
Absolute perfection! By the way, I discovered Trader Joes has the best pork chops I've eaten in years.

There was quite the crowd at Hills Happy Hour. Last week we were all bundled up with a big fire to keep us warm...this week, not a fire in sight.
Most everyone wished they had not worn sweatshirts! 

For Christmas B got me such a great ruler for quilting...where have you been all my life?
My experience using very small pieces of fabric has been limited, and now I know why. Very difficult to keep straight! Here's what my sewing table looks like now with two blocks made, neither of them perfect. In fact, the third one was really bad! (see light turquoise one on the right)
Which brings me to today's title. I am confidant in the future when I see this title I'll be like...what the heck? Well, what the heck indeed...NEVER do I want anyone to think everything I do is good because that is far from the case.

Making pizza last night, everything was going swimmingly, except, in spite of putting what I thought was a huge amount of flour on the peel, it would not come off, for neither love, nor money.  Calling out to Bruce, "HELP in the kitchen please," he came quickly. Taking both sides in our hands, we tried to move it onto a special pizza pan I bought with Christmas money from Bill at Williams Sonoma. Not happening. Well, what was a girl to do? Roll it my friends. Cutting it in two, once rolled, I was able to put it on the super hot pizza stone that had been patiently waiting in the oven.
Not a pretty sight, right? Not what we were expecting but tasty nonetheless. I suppose there is a moral to my pizza story...make the best of every situation? Yeesh--this is supposed to be fun blog, not one with philosophizing!

There you have it, another episode of Camera Crazy. Now it is time for me to put on a tank top and get on that bicycle...

Out and about,

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