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What Do You Want To Do About Dinner Tonight?

Those have been familiar words around the Peck household the last three weeks. Lord willing, they won't be for much longer. Maureen comes home tomorrow, and is she ever going to be in for a big surprise. Visiting her day before yesterday, I brought a coloring book and we went to the "library" to use the table there. For a short while, she was able to wheel herself.
As well, she can now walk unassisted with a walker down the hall which I believe bodes well for when she comes home because the distance between various rooms is not terribly great. As to meals, we will face those challenges as they come.

Meanwhile, back at her ranch, we have been busy. Regina gave me the name of some painters and were they ever terrific, putting our job in front of some other scheduled ones. Rusty and Tina are some great folks. Sunday they pressure washed...
and did the paint ever peel off on the side of the house,
and the back of the house.
I can't remember how long ago she had the house painted, but her previous painters used the wrong stuff. Tina explained how they would use a paint with a special bonding agent, and I did not argue with her!
A super hard working couple, they also began dating when they were thirteen! Did I mention they are about our age? Please note the fan in the above photo---that is what happens when an indoor fan is hung outdoors. That said, it is now a thing of the past because Bruce took it down!

Bill has been working forever on his pool, so leaving Rusty and Tina to do their thing, we drove over to see the now acid washed pool, with all new deck and tile! As we drove up I thought about the power of paint. Remember when Bill's house was pink?
And now it looks like this?
This was a particularly horrible time for the pool nearly two years ago!
Well, it all looks like a new pool now!
You may be wondering what took so long, and the answer to that is that there is over 1,000 square feet of travertine tile that was laid by Bobby, with Bill helping as he was able. So, mostly a one man band. That said, it is all paid for, which is how Bill likes it. Next up, the front yard and a sprinkler system.

Back by Maureen's house, Tina had put some of the paint on so I could see what I thought. I did not think much. Long story short, the house paint needed to be darker, and the trim paint needed to be lighter. I hated to say anything because they were doing me such a favor, however, she was fine with it, returning on Monday afternoon with the renewed colors. Bruce took the fan down before they began painting the ceiling of the porch. Hallelujah!

From there, we went on a search mission for new patio cushions. There are way too many cats in the neighborhood, if you know what I mean. As well, the porch light needed replacing. I'd planned on painting the door red, however, knowing that a storm door would leave the door open inside, while at Lowes to get a light fixture, I came across what I hope she will like for the front door. Something with personality. Sample first, which did not impress either of my painters, it took me two more trips to the store before I had both the right color, and finish. A few hours later they called, and said they were done! Ta da! I could not be any happier with the door color and hope Maureen is as well.
Doesn't it look so cheery? While finishing up with them, David, the upholsterer called with good news--the chairs were ready. Bring them on!!

I've had to do quite a bit of shopping for all of this, and while I was waiting in line at Marshalls with some nice, new sheets, this woman was paying for not just one cart full, but two!!
Both were piled high!!

When David brought the arm chair in, Bruce, who was not too happy with my find, could not believe the job he did. Stripping it pretty much to the frame, he refinished all of the wood and you would never know that it was a road find!
I had him use the other fabric on the kitchen chairs, and I'm super pleased with them. They, too, look brand new with both new foam and a sprucing up of the wood finish.
Yesterday morning, the new mattress and box spring was delivered, and they took away the old ones. It was interesting to me how they wrap them tightly before putting them in the truck to haul away.
Only one more thing to do...the storm door which was Pam's brilliant idea to bring more natural light into the living room. After lunch we went to pick it up at Lowes....just barely fit in the Pilot. I told Bruce it is times like these that it is good to have a Pilot. The weather was not the best, but we soldiered on, opening it in the front yard.
Bruce has hung a few doors in his day, but never a storm door. Now he has.
Sherry sent me a check and told me to work some magic; with the help of some great folks, and a willing husband, I believe we've done just that.

As to those pesky cats, I found a formula on the internet, using fresh rosemary, lemon juice, and white vinegar. I sprayed it liberally yesterday morning; I have high hopes that those pretty red cushions will stay that way!

Tomorrow is the big reveal....

Hoping for a real dinner tonight,

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