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Some Old and Some New Photographs

Not to mention a few stories to go along with them!

As a follow up to my conversation with Joelle, I went in search of old photographs both here, and at Maureen's house, who is still not top notch, btw. At Maureen's I found nothing to speak of and at first I found not much to speak of here, that is until I remembered that Lisa brought over some photos.


The bottom right photograph, taken in August 1954, shows Joelle's Grandmother Ruth holding me. Please note the full head of hair on little miss eight month old! Anyway, what is so remarkable is that Joelle's birthday is only six days before mine, same year and everything, meaning not only did Ruth have a new step grandchild, she also had a granddaughter nearly the same age!

During our telephone conversation, Joelle talked about fishing with Grandpa Stahl in a pond on the farm...well, I guess so! With my sketchy memory, I have but a vague recollection of our trip to his farm in Missouri, way back in 1965. What I remember most is the fantastic tomatoes, which you could eat out of hand.

Above right, the Price girls during that trip with me wearing the dark blouse. Bottom left, the Price girls and their Mother in the middle of the middle row. Grandpa Stahl and Ruth are to my Mom's right, and his brother Ed and wife are on the left. I believe the young man in the foreground is named Eddie and you can guess who he belonged to. I wonder if he is still alive? We'll put Matt on that upon his return from Japan, where he and Tom are having a marvelous time, I might add.

I don't know about you but I LOVE old photographs. Just when you think your hair and clothes are the best, you go back, even ten years, and think to yourself...what was I thinking?? That said, I've been looking more and more like I am above, wearing headbands to keep the bangs back. I'm going to give it one more go over at Maureen's in the next few days, hopefully finding some more gold.

On with the new...make that a new project. that is anything but my best effort. and not because I did not want it to be. but sometimes the fabric has a mind of its' own. I wanted to try a new block called a half rectangle. finding an online tutorial that worked nicely. EXCEPT, and this is a big except, I could not for the life of me find anything about how to have the rectangles point the other direction. So, I cut up the lovely batiks given to me by Jane, Tom's Mum, along with some other fabric I already had, and here's what happened.
The two borders are now in place, the back is made (bottom left) and the binding (striped) up, the quilting. We shall soon see how that goes.

Now here's something you don't see every day....
Yup, a dog on a Harley, dressed in leatherm which I suppose is fitting. The open zipper is for her head to pop through, and according to the driver, the goggles are to keep road debris from her eyes. I took this photo while having dinner with Sherri on Tuesday night at Johnny's Other Side while both Bruce and Jo were out of town. Before we got there, Sherri gave me either a late, or early, however you want to look at it, birthday gift, saying it looked just my style. What do you think?
Sadly, this morning, when I went out to ride, I discovered that I must have lost my flower yesterday. First I had a fake daisy, followed by a fake rose; I wonder what fakery I should get next? As well, this morning, no owls, no eagles. As always, it is hit or miss. Just when I thought I could not locate any of them on Tuesday, much to my surprise, one of the parents was out sunning, something I've rarely seen before.
Talk about sleeping with one eye open...

Mostly all I saw that day were pesky squirrels who are now having a hey-day with our brand, spanking new, recycling bins!!
Yup, they are chewing away on it, just as they did on Bruce's kayak, and our garden hose. Take a look at how they have gnawed away the green coating!
Some areas are much worse if you can imagine! I had the hose out because I was in the midst of planting more flowers in my "white" garden. I love the container which has some hints under the title, "what I need to succeed."
Wouldn't it be great if everything came with such handy suggestions? Looking at what I've planted, I've tried to mix flowers with both different textures, as well as greens. The New Guinea Impatiens have a glossy dark green leaf, the begonias, rather soft, and the new ones are what I guess I'd call, "regular green," if there is such a thing!!

New leaves grace the trees down the street in what I call, "spring green." So lovely.
Because my owls have gone AWOL for the last few days I've had to content myself looking elsewhere for amusement. Heading down the street to Lake Jennie Jewel, I discovered the bougainvillea are taking over everything, including the gate to our lake lot.
They, in the same vein as the yellow tabebuia, are somewhat gaudy in their show of color., don't you think? Blooming here, there, and everywhere!

As are these little guys which I think are really weeds; the bees sure like them, whatever they are.
Finally, in my last post I did not mention it because I was still in shock. Jordan collapsed. I read where, after the 12th hole, Jordan said to his caddy--"buddy, I think we are collapsing," which indeed describes what happened. So sad.

Dinner is nearly ready,

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