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One of the benefits of buying a sewing machine from a local shop is the ability to take classes. Now, from what you've read in this space before you might not think that would be necessary but I'm here to tell you that the class I took on Friday was very helpful. There were only two students, myself and Lupe, along with our instructor Mickey. Although we don't have the same machines, much of the information pertained to both of us. Mickey started out with what should be obvious but in my experience is anything but.
 Many long time seamstresses just use whatever they have in the way of thread, and that is mostly whatever is inexpensive. I brought home a box of threads that belonged to Bruce's Mom and I've been using them whenever possible because I am nostalgic like that.

She explained that that type of thread sheds lint like nobodies business, wreaking havoc with our sewing machines innards. Not only that but you often experience tension issues when using inappropriate thread and or needle. I can't tell you the number of times Pam has called saying her tension has gone crazy and my advice is not to mess with the tension--change your needle! Anyway, while Mickey talked, my co-student sewed, or she talked on the phone. Occasionally she would take instruction as is shown in this photo of Mickey showing her how to make a buttonhole.
Looking at the photograph you might notice her undergarments through the knit material. Well, and believe me this story is true, another woman came into the classroom, presumably a friend of Lupe although I can't be certain as I don't speak their language. Of course, you would think so when you hear what happened next! They chatted for some minutes while Mickey was assisting me, and much to our surprise, we glanced over, and could not help noticing Lupe had her blouse up, and her pants down, showing off those undergarments!!! Honestly it was unreal; you can't make this stuff up.

Mickey is an interesting and talented woman. She made this notebook cover that I found very striking. Should I ever get a hankering to make the same, the stitch is available on my machine.
Of course I would have to ask her again about the material she used....

Again, I am glad I bought the same brand as I had because much of it is the same, aside from the bobbin winding, one of the most important parts of sewing. When I came home with the machine I could make hide nor hair out of the diagram, eventually taking to YouTube to learn how. That said, it will take many times for it to become second nature as it was before. Furthermore, after much trial and error, Mickey had me using the needle threader with tentative ease. What a feature for old eyes!
While I was at the shop I bought the backing fabric for my quilt, and it is all pinned and ready to go.

Mr. Peck got a new pressure washer for his birthday...sounds exciting right?
On sale at Costco, we picked it up last week, putting it to good use yesterday. During our stint helping Bill, the old one finally went kaput. After doing the yard, Bruce did a once over on the pool deck, returning it to blinding white. Blinding? Yup, that travertine has crazy reflective issues when it is sunny, although more importantly it stays cool on your feet in our brutal Florida summers. After mowing the lawn, I made my first appearance in the pool--so, so refreshing! Then I decided I would pressure wash the driveway; following instruction from Bruce, I began. Whew, this sedentary girl suffered when two hours later she was done.

After cleaning myself up, I took to the couch to watch golf, and see my boy Jordan doing very well. Sure hope he doesn't fall apart today! Anyway, finally taking the time to look through this lovely book of bird postcards Matt sent from England for Mother's Day, I enjoyed a soothing cup of tea.
Lo and behold, just outside the window sits the bird bath, which began seeing action. Oh my, what is going on with the cardinals? When this one showed up I presumed it was maybe a young one because of the feathers. (took these between the blinds, and through the window and screen if you are wondering.)
Anyway, it was a hot day, and this little girl wanted to cool off like I did earlier in the pool.
As you can imagine I was transfixed...then this cardinal showed up looking very pale.
What is going on with their feathers? Generally molting season is much later in the year so I'm very puzzled indeed. Our second little girl looks like this:
Perhaps they were born earlier in the Spring and I missed the nest? Anyway, despite her bedraggled appearance, she too had a good time cooling off as well.
Then, she too flew off, and that was that.

Adjacent to the bird bath, my purslane has gone crazy, providing some much needed color against the dark gray house.
Let us hope it stays vibrant throughout the summer.

Surprised there are no owl photographs? Because I only heard from Bev, I can only assume you are bored with them. I'm not so expect them another day!!

Slept very well last night,

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