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Neighborhood Goodies

When I first began taking photographs in earnest I needed places to practice because at that time my yard was pretty much green, unlike now when it is looking very colorful and pretty if I do say so myself.

 In those long ago days, I drove through neighborhoods, in my beautiful MINI Cooper, looking for flowers, and well, really, anything that caught my eye. Well, I don't have a MINI any longer and I no longer need to drive looking for beauty because I am so darn fortunate to have friends that provide beauty for me. Not to mention vegetables....
Pam not only has flowers, but she grows several types of onions, peppers, a big variety of tomatoes, and herbs.  When I cut into this onion it was a beauty with no tears from the chef. I don't consider myself a chef by any means but using the word cook just didn't sound right!

The variety of blooming plants in her back garden is especially impressive. As is often the case, on this day there was a butterfly enjoying a snack.
Isn't this a beauty? If only the plants were not so bright. Nonetheless, seeing the entire body so clearly was something I would have died over had I taken it eight years ago. Now, I expect even better of myself.

The color of this lily is so scrumptious...
with water droplets from a recent watering a bonus. As well she has a big patch of what I call Black- Eyed Susans, which is probably not exactly right, but in the family. In fact, some of the flowers have this neat brownish red coloring in the middle. Lucious.
I could go on and on with photographs from her garden but I do have something crazy special for you today. Well, some of you anyway.

If you've never had the opportunity to watch an owlet see her reflection on a car top, you have missed something really entertaining. Or at least it was to me. The secret to finding the owlets is to head over at daybreak, which during this time of the year is around 6:30 in the morning. Because my darling husband woke us up a little after 4 in the morning, getting on my bike just after 6 was no problem at all. I'd already made loaf of blueberry bread, made the bed, emptied the dishwasher and more. Without further ado, take a look at this:
Originally when I pulled up I spotted first one and then the other in the trees by Nell's house. Then one flew over to the other side of the street, followed soon thereafter by her sibling. Oh my goodness this was so fun to watch.
With barred owls, the biggest difference between males and females is the size, the female being the larger of the sexes. That said, it is hard to tell even when they are side by side but if I had to guess, the one on the car is the female with her brother watching her every move.

Furthermore, Mamma brought food with the roof sitting owlet flying up to get a bite. You may be delighted to read that I am sparing you the sharing of the mouse photos, but this one does show how the owlets still do not have their entire head feathers.
After only a few bites, Mama, shown with the mouse in her talon, took off to another tree, waiting, I guess for the kids to come to breakfast. Reluctantly I forced myself to take off, after all I was supposed to be getting some exercise before sitting down at my sewing machine.

That reminds me, before the bike ride I moved the sewing machine to the other side of the table, Bruce put a light up over my ironing board and we moved the table closer to the wall. Working on a new block called Card Trick, it takes every bit of concentration I have. Almost like a jigsaw puzzle, the 24 pieces have to go together just so.
I'm making a quilt for a wedding gift that although won't be needed until the Fall, I'm pondering hand quilting it, so if that is the case I need a long time for that! I was pretty happy with the color scheme I'd chosen for a purple lover, however, returning to the store for more purple fabric, I decided I liked this print better. As well, the red is not quite so prominent.
Sadly, my points are not perfect--only pretty good.  In case you are wondering, there is a point to the green, I just cut it off when shooting the photo with my iPhone. I'm completely terrible with that thing which is kind of interesting because I started with a point and shoot camera, a fact that really riled up "real photographers"!

Speaking of photography, coming soon to a store near bags with my images. Actually I have no idea where they are going, but according to my mailbox money inventory of sold stuff, under licensing two different gift bag images and a pillow and something else that I have no idea what it is. Licensing is when they use an image, rather than have SunDance print image. As well, I earn a 25 % commission on licensing rather than the 10% for prints. Whatever I receive, I still cannot believe my efforts came to this..unreal to think I have a publisher isn't it?

Steve, Bruce's boss came to town Tuesday to meet with the general contractor folks about the end date. His real purpose was to light a fire under them, something B has been trying to do for the last few months. With something like two months to go, it is getting to be crunch time. We went back to North Quarter Tavern. Pretty funny they both were wearing a white shirt and jeans..
Yesterday morning I woke not feeling as perky as is mostly the case and as the day progressed, I think the crazy concentration needed for the blocks, which, let's face it, someone else might put together with ease, caused me some consternation. While trimming some of the triangle "tails" I did this and decided it was time to quit for the day.
The new day came with new energy. Ripping out the middle section, I re-made the middle block and it all worked just fine. I found a very nifty design for this quilt, if only I can execute it!

Do you have time for one more neighborhood goodie?

Back to the sewing machine,


p.s. I almost forgot---I bought this orchid from Jim and Kathy at the market a few years ago, and I may be wrong, but I think this is only the second time it has bloomed. I looked out back a few days ago and what should I find....

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