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I've Got News...

and some pictures too. Not that they are related, mostly stuff I've taken, and they didn't fit any other story, so why not today? Let's begin with something silly, why don't we?
Try as I might, I could not move that cloud, but I did get a daytime moon shot, so that was cool.

Rather than keep you in suspense, I want to report that Carol is doing remarkably well following her more than seven hour surgery on Monday evening. Naturally she is in quite a bit of pain, however, they have drugs for that. Furthermore, although the pathology report is not back yet, the surgeon seems to think it is not cancer; we'll have to believe that until told otherwise. Barring any complications, or surprises, she should go home Sunday or Monday. Consequently, I will be heading out to California for eight days to help where I can. It is our hope that by the time I leave she will be up and about, albeit slowly.

Returning from my bike ride this morning, the house phone was ringing when I opened the door;  I was delighted it was Carol. We talked a bit about the how and why people have health problems, and in spite of what a lot of people say, it seems to me that it all comes down to bad luck. No rhyme or reason. I especially hate when folks blame the sick person's lifestyle. Whatever...
Starting my ride with unsuccessful owl searching, I rode up to Publix to recycle plastic bags. Along the way I saw a young couple walking, carrying shopping bags on their way to Publix as well. The minute I saw those bags I knew they must be staying at Cheryle and David's airbnb, and although their English was limited, they did give me an affirmative. Any other part of town it would not have looked out of place, but around here, we are wusses and drive our cars to Publix.

Heading back home, I was stopped by a guy I know in Southern Oaks who had some news for me concerning the you-know-whats. Before the owl pictures showing one of them staring at his reflection in a car, (I know, a re-run!)
I had not seen the two of them together since May 8, according to my photo library.
Apparently, according to Wes, one of them was found on the sidewalk near their favorite hang outs, with what appeared to be a broken wing. The owl place we visited in Apopka was called, and they came and got him, or her, and now they won't ever be together again. Boo hoo! Sort of like Herb and day he was here, and the next, never to be seen by us again. Perhaps I should go visit him, however, he hardly knows his children, so it might just confuse him all the more. Anyway, he went on to say that they believe there will be a full recovery. This, btw, is third hand news. :)
Bruce just called and he's on his way over to the Beatty's to give them a hand with something. The above Plumeria is from their beautiful gardens. As is this one below:
Darn if I can remember where I took this beauty:
Aren't flowers just amazing? The colors and variety are mind boggling. Plus the architecture? The middle of this zinnia reminds me of a decorated layer cake? Same for you?
The Google Doodle today caught my attention because there are birds involved. Looking into it I found this remarkable story about birding. Seeing such a variety of birds is nothing that will ever happen to me, so I enjoy the ones I do see.
And of course I've been sewing...

Last week the mail brought an unexpected letter with mailbox money that was not from SunDance. After reading about Days for Girls in this space, my sister Nancy sent a donation, which I promptly sent to Sharleen to buy fabric. Apparently this blog is good for something!!

But it will, by necessity, be ignored for a bit. Pen and paper will have to do during my absence.

Your roving reporter,

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