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On Being an Optimist

I am one of those folks who if I sported a bumper sticker it would probably read..."if anything can go right, it will." While doing mammograms for all those years, women would be so worried about breast cancer, sighting the statistic that one out of nine women will get breast cancer. My response was always along the lines of, but eight won't! The odds are in your favor. Then too, I refuse to have a security system at our home because the odds are in our favor despite the murder and mayhem reported in the media daily.

So it was that when I was awoken with the need to go to the bathroom I shrugged it off. Then a dreadful accident while driving still did not convince me that the cdiff had not gone away. A fluke, right? Problems began piling up, and the last straw was Thursday night, five minutes after dinner, we were sitting at the kitchen table, finally having the chance to plan a vacation, when I had to jump up to run to the bathroom. A shower followed.  This is no fun my friends. I will again see Dr. Parillo on Monday morning and we will try the other antibiotic. After all, we need this vacation or at least Bruce does!

The end zone was reached, and the restaurant opened for business as scheduled on Wednesday. Bruce's boss Steve came for the opening, as did the owners of the mall, flying in to see it for themselves. All were duly impressed. Bruce called me asking if I was ok to meet them, and I was. He'd ordered a bottle of wine in anticipation of my arrival.
Rather than advertise, they prefer to let people wander in--their version of a soft opening. Again, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that the project has been a success. A media day was held with reviews that have all been positive. Woo hoo! Throughout the long days Bruce would say, it will never be finished, while I would say, of course it will. There's that optimistic nature again. I took a few outdoor photos to show you the wonderful lighting.
There will come a day soon when this patio will be full; mark my words. People are a bit confused as to where it is so here's the view from in front of PF Changs.
Speaking of PF Changs, Scott Joseph, the former Sentinel food critic who now blogs reviews, had a funny mention of PF Changs in his review of Earls.   Should you want to go there the best place to park is in front of Macy's on the North side. Or at least I think that would be the north. :)

One of the nights when B came home late, I was already in bed when he walked into our bedroom with this baby.
Oh my gosh--a powerful battery operated blower!! I used to have zero problems starting our gas blower, however, in the last year I just can't seem to pull the cord properly. As such, the driveway has looked deplorable for the last few weeks when I've had to do the yard myself. Now, if only there were an edger like this, I would be good to go. The sound this blower makes is entirely different than the gas one...sort of like a whoosh. Bonus points for it being light too.

Thursday Bruce came home early, maybe around lunch time, sitting in his home office chair for the first time in close to two months. Didn't take long for weariness to overcome him.
It is a darn good thing I have my sewing to keep me busy at home since that is where I've mostly been this week. Months ago I bought some fabric I loved with a dress in mind. One thing about sewing is you have to do it a bunch to be any good, pretty much the same with any skill. Dressmaking has not been in the forefront of my sewing endeavors of late and after how hard this dress was to make, I'm slightly gun shy. Oh my!
It is the full monty of sewing techniques: pleated skirt, six darts, pockets, lined bodice, invisible side zipper, and buttonholes. In the old days, you had excellent tracing paper to mark your darts, however, I purchased some in the last year that was anything but excellent. Instead, I had to draw all six darts in both the dress fabric, and the lining. I must locate some better tools for the future. The machine worked flawlessly, the seamstress not so much, although all is well that ends well. I am just crazy for the fabric!

A few days I got out on my bicycle, riding over to Pam's house to help her with her machine. While she was practicing free motion quilting I went out back to see what I could see. The Angel Trumpet tree was full of blooms.
How sweet does this look with all that purple?
Butterflies were flitting about like mad. At our home, my bird feeding activities are taking a hit, not only from the stupid rats, but now I have to worry about the neighbor's cats who roam our yard. I don't like the thought of them getting my birdies, however, I am cautiously optimistic that the rat is gone, so there's that.  I don't know who this cat belongs to, perhaps the new neighbors who now live in Miriam's house.
Coming up to the front door it keep meowing to be let in or so I suppose. Very strange.

As to the vacation? Well, we think we have a plan, Lord willing, and the medicine works! A few weeks ago, in our Sunday section of the paper devoted to travel, there was an article about this place. Bruce's interest was piqued, and the decision was made to see it for ourselves. Our plan is to fly to Cincinnati next Saturday afternoon, spending the night near the airport. Sunday morning we will drive the 40 miles to visit the Ark. After that, the plans are still a little sketchy, or at least not firmed up just yet, but our plan is to cross Ohio, visiting the Amish country on our way to see Akron, the place of my birth. Crazy right? Well, I have written that name down a gazillion times over my lifetime, but having left there when I was three years old I have zero recollection of the area. Now I will see it for myself. Maureen even remembered the address of our home so that is on the agenda as well. From there we are driving to Niagra Falls!! Another place I've been dying to see. From what I've read we should stay on the Canadian side. Then too, we also lived in Buffalo, NY, where Nancy was born. We might just visit that house as well. The New England part of the trip is yet to be finalized, however, we will end up in Manchester, New Hampshire to meet Bruce's boss's family. Doesn't it sound awesome? It is about 1,000 miles spread over seven days so I think it won't be too much.  The thought of spending all those hours traveling with Bruce is very enticing indeed.

It is not easy living with what the media call a "super bug" I can say that much for sure. Not being pessimistic, but apparently the United Nations resolution gives me reason to not be my generally optimistic self. When I wrote that the Flagyl only worked in 20% of patients, I did not even connect the dots but now I have. After the incident on Thursday night I began crying, something that I've not done heretofore.  Didn't do much good....

Wish me well my friends,


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