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Leave the Light On

Remember those great Motel 6 commercials with Tom Bodett? I couldn't help but think about them when the UPS driver left this on our dark front porch the other night. This time of year, I definitely need to leave the front porch light on.
Hearing the doorbell ring, I did turn the light on, but rarely is the front porch light on simply because people always come to our side door. I remember when we first looked at this house, being pleased with the nice roomy foyer. Little did I know, back then, that people would walk straight into our kitchen space. Nor, did I know, that strangers would not realize that it is the same house when they leave fliers, and such, on both doors. I cannot tell you how many extra phone books we've received over the years! Yup, front door, and side door. Then there are the trick or treaters...ha ha!

I realized that I've spent a lot of time being busy this holiday season, and yesterday was no exception. I made some awesome sugar cookies in the morning, as well as something that was fondly labeled, "Christmas Crack." That's actually a pretty clever title when you think about it. Anyway, about two weeks ago, Publix had my favorite Premium Saltines as a BOGO, and while in line with my two boxes, a young woman, next in line, also had two, as well as a bunch of chocolate chips. She reminded me of this Christmas treat, although I'd never made it before.
I suspect some of you know where this is going, don't you? Perhaps you've made it with graham crackers? A gazillion years ago, when Matt was taking piano lessons, his teacher made them for the Christmas recital with graham crackers, so of course making them brought back some very fond memories. So, I made the caramel...
which is oddly colored in the photograph because of my stove lighting, but you get the idea. It was just coming to the desired simmer. I was thinking to myself, I am thrilled not to be a food blogger because I would go crazy taking photographs at every stage. In fact, the above is all you're getting. They turned out just, okay. We'll see if Jonathan or Alissa like them when they arrive TONIGHT!

Next up yesterday was the wrapping, and good grief, there was a bunch. What if we had grandchildren? Yikes!!!! I had to dredge up my latent bow skills because you know who was working at his desk.
It took me about five hours, and while it may sound silly, by then I was tired. I'd been listening the whole while to Christmas music on Pandora when finally,  about 5:30, I sat down in our cozy living room and really enjoyed the moment.
As is most often the case, sadly we have no outdoor lights. But, other people do!! You will not believe the house we drove by last night which immediately required stopping for pictures. I will be showing several as there is enough lights for at least five other houses!
Crossing the street, I just had to get a better look. Guess what? You can too!
Heaven only knows what it looks like in the daytime! So, these folks, using their corner lot, covered every single bit of it with "Christmas cheer." Plus music!
Perhaps they were competing in the Great Christmas Light Fight? In any case, we will be sure and take Jon boy and Alissa over there!

I've been slacking on my bike riding. I was going to offer excuses, but really, that's all they would be, excuses. Every time I am riding though, I hope I get lucky and see one of the eagles; today was one of those lucky days.
The last time I was there I had a good chat with the owner of the house where the eagles like to hang out and fish. Their nest is across the lake a bit, and even if I do see one in the Pine tree above, I still ride over to see if the mate is there. Back to the chat...she explained to me that at one time, their back yard was filled with trees, not just two Pine trees. Apparently, Hurricane Charley hit them hard and they lost 10 big trees! I cannot even imagine what a mess that was! Anyway, she is as sweet as can be, and always allows me to roam around in her back yard on Lake Conway. :)

So, we saw some pretty darn extravagant  Christmas decorations above, but to my mind, sometimes simple is best.
I wish I could say I'd been as productive today as yesterday, but that's not true. I did manage, however, to get the vacuuming done, so there's that. It has been a beautiful weather day and my boys will be glad to hear that their Papa finally watched his favorite Christmas move this afternoon, "Love Actually," and he is officially, now in the Christmas spirit! If you haven't seen that film, you might want to because it is so funny and heartwarming.

Only a few short hours and this will all be just a memory...
Warming up again..

Merry Christmas to all,

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