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A Happy Dog,

and a happy Mommy too, for that matter.

Our groomer quit us about six weeks ago, and no, it wasn't because we weren't likable, rather it was because she was moving too far away to come into Orlando. I can't say as I blame her what with the construction on the interstate, the main artery into town. Yikes, it is a nightmare! I won't bore you with the details of finding another one, but look at this handsome little doggie now!
Thursday, just when I was counting the hours until Tom arrived, he sent me a text asking if he could come early? You bet you can because Mr. Baxter is in dire straits. Should you be looking for a mobile groomer, his business is called Shiny Paws, a name that leaves me a bit stymied as I try to imagine shiny paws, but hey, it seems to be working for him, so who am I to wonder about the name?
And yes, he did live up to my expectations of a man called Tom.  It made for a very happy Gail.

Friday was a day of brilliant weather, so much so, that I finally was able to hang clothes on the line, and watch them sway in the breeze. They were dry in no time.
The green print pillowcases I made a few months ago suffered bleach damage caused by you know who, however, they are still useable, just not quite as attractive as they once were.

Because the weather was so wonderful the back door was wide open, and look who got a little lost.
This little girl was smarter than the last bird to fly into the house, finding her way out of the house in no time, all by herself.

Saturday was another gorgeous day and Glen, Pam, Irene, and myself, spent a bunch of the day in the Convention Center attending the World Quilt Show. After riding there in style in Glenn's Tesla, we made our way inside, and came across this really cool upright garden, one of two used for growing lettuces and herbs for the center's food folks.
Irene and I became separated from Glenn and Pam, probably because we were busy shopping the fabric vendors whereas they were studying the displayed quilts! I may have mentioned how Jane and Ray, Tom's folks, sent me a gorgeous book for my birthday by Kaffe Fassett, called Bold Blooms. If I am repeating myself, please forgive me, however, as I am new to his work and fabric collections, I quite possibly may be overzealous. Anyway, his fabrics are indeed bold and colorful! A shop owner from Louisiana had his patterns and fabric in her display, (see below), and while talking to her, she mentioned how some people wouldn't come in her shop anymore because the fabrics were too bold for them. Imagine that!
I've yet to purchase any, but it won't be long before I do!

So many quilts, so little time! Because we spent so much time shopping, Irene and I confined ourselves to looking at only the modern quilts, and photographing them, of course. Just for reference, mind you.
Not your grandmother's quilts, that's for sure!
We are all jazzed up because the quilt below is made by a young woman who will soon be the education coordinator for our quilt guild.
As a matter of fact, I'm working on a solid only quilt right now which is turning out very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish. Photographs soon.

These days I mostly avoid facebook because, well, I am more than a little sick of everyone espousing political views. Both sides do plenty of name calling, and it is just not my style. There is a reason that for the longest time etiquette rules suggested leaving politics and religion for only private conversations. That said, I am in a group that posts photos of the eagles at Greenwood Cemetery and over the weekend a woman posted, not photos of eagles, but of Roseate Spoonbills that she said hang out in a retention pond off of Orange Blossom Trail. Her explicit directions to the location enabled me to easily find it early this morning, actually, before sunrise. And why, pray tell, was I up so early? Mr. Peck left for Dallas at 5AM!

I'm not much one for driving in the dark, nor rain, but you do what you have to do when it comes to seeking out birds, especially Spoonbills which are hard to find. Or, at least they have been for me. Of course, I haven't been out and about like I used to, but that very well may change now that I have a super fun car to drive. I was thinking on my way there about all of the times I took my old MINIs on photography adventures. It felt good to be out once again.

Arriving in the dark, I spotted them with my headlights, impatiently waiting for daylight. We had some stormy weather last evening, bringing in a cold front I was unprepared for, that's for sure. My little hands were cold as can be by the time I left! Without further ado, let's take a peek at what I saw.
Say what? Sandhill Cranes too? Actually I knew from her post they were there, and because I love those birds, I was thrilled at the thought of seeing so many together! The red lights reflected in the pond are from the adjacent Burger King. Isn't this unreal seeing a whole scad of birds alongside busy Orange Blossom Trail?  It gets better my friends...
That color!! I suppose they are male and female? I've seen so few of them that I'm not very well versed in their colors. So, those are two of them, and here, from the other side of the pond, are two more, along with a Wood Stork.
Ducks galore as well. The light was still pretty dim, so I thought I might use the Nikon I'd brought along, however, while getting it out of the car, as well as trying to remember how to use it, the Spoonbills took off. Boo hoo! The Nikon was covered with dust because it has been so long since I used it, not to mention what I thought was at least a slightly charged battery, died after two shots, so I just kept using my trusty Olympus.
I absolutely love that red cap! After a bit, a pair began walking to the edge of the road,
and just like that, they all took off...
which I was not really anticipating, so I did what I could in the heat of the moment! Funny how I kind of like this action photograph, in spite of the blurriness.
And off they went, along with the Wood Storks, and the Ibis which were also plentiful.
Wasn't that a fun way to begin the week? I thought so.

yours truly,

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