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Photograph Overload

Don't say I did not warn you!!

Firstly, I wonder what Spring is going to be like, having already mostly experienced it this Winter.

And we are off on some adventures!!

I hardly know where to start, but perhaps we will go backward in there anyone amongst my readers that live in Central Florida that does not like azalea blooming time? I should hope not.
Then too, the camellias are blooming everywhere, and what's not to like about that? Not a thing my friends.
Both of these photographs were taken in the back yard of my new friends that have the house where the Eagle has landed. This morning, instead of putting it off, I took off on my bicycle just as the sun was rising. It was plenty warm already, so there were no excuses to be found. Riding as fast as I could to the Lake Conway ramp, the sun had just broken the horizon creating a beautiful rosy glow.
Eagle hunting followed, and sure enough it was way up in the Pine tree, basically the usual spot, except when it is not there, which is more frequent than I would prefer. After watching for awhile, I rode over to the nest, and saw nothing. By now the sun had risen just enough to put a rosy glow on the eagle as I cycled back toward home.
It doesn't matter how many times I see the eagles, every experience is so good. When I think of all of the folks that might never see an eagle in person, let alone two miles from their home, I feel so very blessed. Never take a blessing for granted is my motto!

So those were the extra exciting moments from this morning. Just as I take no blessing for granted, I also take every opportunity to find amusement in the stupid things that I do. One of which was leaving my handbag wide open on the counter adjacent to where I was preparing food. More specifically, grating cheese to make Mac 'n Cheese, which in spite of my set back, turned out so, so good. Anyway, somehow my hand slipped off the grater, sending cheddar cheese flying everywhere including my handbag!
I don't just mean on the outside dear readers, I mean in every open pocket! So crazy, the things I do.

Yesterday I went to what they call a "sew day" with the guild, and on my way home, driving down Mills Avenue, I turned left into Greenwood Cemetery hoping to see our new owls. Nope, not in the tree cavity. Parking the baby car, I walked over to the trees, scanning the canopy, all the while thinking I will NEVER get another shot like the one in the cavity. Not an owl to be seen. Except, wait, there it is, in the tree directly across from the cavity, probably to keep an eye on the nest. Cute as can be with the sunlight, or so I thought.
Greeting the owl, yes, I am guilty of that sort of thing, I watched for a bit, then thought, time to head home. As I walked away, I turned around, and yes, owls heads do pivot, because who did just that to follow my movements! A 180 degree turn!
From a photographic standpoint, it is so interesting to see how the light changes everything. But, you knew that already, didn't you? Looking through my viewfinder, I thought to myself that it is better to be lucky than good! To date, I have been extra lucky getting some super good owl photos.

Unfortunately, David and Michelle are not so lucky, having met with the surgeon yesterday afternoon, and learning that there is no possible way to do surgery. Continue praying for them, if you would, as they process this new, unwanted, information.

Before we leave the cemetery completely, should I end up wanting to be buried rather than cremated, I do so hope it is underneath a beautiful Tabebuia tree.
As an aside, I checked the headstone we cleaned for my parents and it still looks good but, by golly, someone took the fake flowers. The NERVE!

While on the subject of blooms, we finally, after about four years, have a few blooms on our Oleander bushes. Why ours don't bloom, while the ones along the highway that have zero care do, is one of those unsolved plant mysteries.
The weekend! I hope yours was good...ours was busy! Sunday we stayed after church to watch a film called, Being Mortal. Many of you have heard of it before, probably read the book; I had the former, and not the latter. They set up a screen, and the room filled to overflowing, however, we got lucky and found seats easily.
A Vitas representative was there, as was an elder attorney, and doctor, both of whom are part of the congregation. I could not agree more with Dr. Gawande's ideas, and both Bruce and I are going to talk with our children about end of life care, as well as fill out the Five Wishes paperwork to ensure that our wishes are both known, and followed. As many of you know, Vitas is the Hospice organization that we used with my Mom, and they could not have done one thing any better. Praise be to those angels that do hospice work!

Hill's Happy Hour group, albeit smaller than usual. Mr. Hill would be the man both standing, and waving.
Followed by dinner and the game, over at David, (pictured below being chef for the night), and Cheryle's home.
We left while the Falcons were still winning, and who could have imagined how it turned out in the end?

Saturday I took my first quilting class to make one of these quilts.
I struggled mightily with everything, but I did manage to make ONE block which turned out very ugly, to say the least. A new friend, Sue sat next to me and we did our best to help each other out.
There was a potluck lunch to share between the classes, a different one in the afternoon.
I could barely manage the one class, let alone two, so it was home for me following the morning session!

Well, there you go, there weren't that many photographs after all!

yours truly,


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