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Since Last We Met

Isn't it great to be alive and healthy? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived each day in celebration of that rather than dissatisfaction with things? Let's do more of the former, shall we?

That is why this blog is a celebration of the everyday, nothing too extraordinary, just living life to the fullest, or at least to the best of my ability!

Let us start this post with some nature appreciation, beginning with these amazing blooms from Pam's garden. She'll scold me, (not really) for not remembering the name of this beauty.
Seriously, aren't these something? I didn't notice the text she sent me before picking her up on Wednesday night to join Irene and one of her Toronto friends, Halya, for dinner out at the Strand. She said, don't forget your camera so you can photograph this amazing sight. Well, I did have my camera, just not the time, so I went back over the next day to see it all its' glory. Because of the warm winter this tree is blooming like never before.
Exuberant comes to mind...not sure why, but it does.

Arriving at Lynn's darling house on a small lake,
the sun was just going down, making for a lovely view. It was actually warm as can be which was just fine by Halya! Lynn's patio looks as if it should be in a magazine, doesn't it?
You might note the open as can be it was! During dinner there was lively conversation and good food for all. Halya, seated on the back right, was set to drive to Sarasota in the morning, hoping to bask in the sun while lying on the snow white shores of Siesta Key.
Around our yard the Nandina plants are sporting loads of berry bunches. Inedible, of course, but oh so pretty!
And, drum roll please...the first blooms on our Tabebuia tree...
Seriously blue sky isn't it? What a great winter for Irene to move here from Portland..nothing but blue, sunny skies this year! Wonder of wonders, also set against a crazy blue sky, I saw not one, but two eagles in "our nest," as in the one within biking distance. I spoke with the homeowner who tells me that these days they are so accustomed to seeing them, and hearing them, I might add, that he takes them for granted. I met him last year when they were just buying the house, and apparently, the renovations are ongoing. His adorable sons were featured in this space a few weeks ago.
Although I've done pretty well at staying away from Greenwood, I just had to make a quick visit the other day, and did not see our owl, however, I did see a bird, sadly from afar, that I've never photographed before. An American Kestrel is sitting on this branch, believe it or not!
Friday night we were thrilled to accept Bill and Roxanne's invitation to accompany them to the Dr. Phillips Center to see "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder." Although I'd been in there before, just to see the facility, I'd yet to actually go there for fun, nor had Bruce. Roxanne looked quite glamorous in her elderly Mother's mink that she wore in her honor. Although she is still living, she is on the wane.
There are some beautiful views to be had from the private area they are part of..remember this green space when it was completely covered in Pulse memorials?
As you can see, City Hall is still sporting the rainbow colors! It is so rare that we go out much at night anymore, both of us hate night driving, that I sometimes forget out lovely the city looks lit up.
Of course, the blue sculpture in the foreground was once the most hated piece of public art in town, however, the LED lights are giving people a new appreciation for it. We'd just left the Citrus Club, which is so nice, and what just occurred to me is how the connections between people and places are so amazing. Most of you know our son Matthew lives, loves, and works in London, but what you don't know is that journey began nearly 25 years in the same building that houses the Citrus Club, when he worked as a 16 year old for a prominent local law firm. That led to some connections over the years and now he is working for a prominent world wide law firm. (Condensed version!)

I was just relating Matt's story today while attending a "Celebration of Life" for our dearly beloved friend Betty who passed away at the ripe old age of 96 back in December. She asked for a potluck, and what Betty wanted, Betty got! Oh the desserts! Always great at church functions.
Actually, I took this early on...the table was laden with goodies about 15 minutes later. It was like old home week for me because so many of our old church friends that I hadn't seen in ages were there. Of course, some I needed help with on their names...too bad Bruce wasn't able to attend because between the two of us we would have been bound to remember everyone. I was delighted that they used the photograph shown in this 2012 blog post for the cover of the program.

Here's one way to display family photographs...too bad so many did not have the years on them.
Imagine that she lived through the Depression, WWII, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, and everything since, and yet, she still remained such a positive person, which is how I would love to be remembered.

How about you?

yours truly,


p.s. This is a big p.s. friends....Fallon passed her nursing exam this week!! Oh happy day!
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