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It is a Waiting Game

Apparently, Chuck was being overly optimistic when he said we might close on the condo today. Didn't happen. But it will. I was so hoping to get that renovation going, however, this is going to be more of a waiting game than I expected, in more ways than one.

In my last post I mentioned that the "photo shoot" was to happen at 2PM, but what I did not mention was that it was originally scheduled for 11AM. Guess what, he changed it yet again to 3PM, just before it was to rain with not a speck of sunshine to be found for the outdoor photos. Great. Then too, he said he'd have the photos to Lynn no later than Thursday afternoon, but that did not happen either. I was expecting to see the listing this morning when I woke up, but not gonna happen until Brad delivers the photographs, which he has yet to do.

In the meantime, I read somewhere that you should begin packing so closets look tidier. That's impossible right now, and I think the closets look fairly tidy anyway, but what I could do to pass the time is clean out my pantry and food cupboards. Three grocery bags worth of outdated stuff (shameful), and two bags of food to take to the food pantry at church. Is there anything left to eat? Surprisingly, yes.

As well I decided to go through all the paperwork related to home improvements and in the last 21 years, that is a lot. I found this amazing drawing Bruce did for the painter in 2000 when I used Benjamin Moore paint which he noted by number. Greens and terra cotta.
Next up was a creamy yellow. My photo library move turned out not to be entirely smooth with photographs showing up in a crazy order, but perhaps it was meant to be because this photograph I took three years ago showed up as a last import.
Note the size of the tree we planted because here is what it looks like, nearly three years to the day, later.
It is getting nice and fat so there will once again be shade on this side of the house. Both days it looks stormy, and that is because they were! The rain has begun in earnest with two days of huge afternoon storms, and another one on the way.
So much for my tidy fascia and windows. Not that I'm complaining because as you know we were sorely in need of rain but our storms can be pretty messy meaning not only will I have to keep the house tidy but the yard as well.

Mr. Bruce has not been around to help because he is out earning money to pay for all of this!! He's still in Texas sorting out problems as they arise for the management team. I was hoping he'd be home for the open house tomorrow, but that appears unlikely.

Back to the photo is kind of funny to me, but I had a lamp, a green glass plate, and my hourglass on one end table, and they removed the hourglass, BUT, here it showed up in my photo library as a recent import, although it is anything but. More like 2011; it is fitting for my post today...
Still waiting on the sign out front too. I've told a few neighbors, as did Miss Regina. Lo and behold, Corrine called me from Alabama today to inquire if we were really selling. Good news travels fast, or so it seems. For those of you who don't know Corrine, she is 92 and lived across the street from us for about 15 years before returning to Alabama to be nearer her immediate family. She insisted she still loved me and to give Bruce a big hug for her. :)

Once Brad did get here he approved of most of my de-personalizing, and was in and out in thirty minutes. This was my idea of staging. Rather than the potatoes and the like I normally use this for, I went to Clemons, and bought what you see pictured, because it just says fresh to me. How about you?
I'm heading out to the kitchen to make some peanut butter cookies for the open house. Why peanut butter you ask? Using up my pantry!

Let's hope there IS an open house. I freely admit that waiting for something to happen has never been my strong suit.

yours truly,


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