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What City Did We Stay in Last Night?

Despite the fact that I am typing this in Laramie, Wyoming, it is still hot as the dickens, even at more than 7,000 feet elevation. Thank God we did not take this trip in August! You will be happy to know that my stomach has been fine and dandy since I last wrote. You can imagine the days are running one into another, so it is good that I can get this down before I can't remember what state we were in when I took the photo! Without further ado, let's travel through Kansas, Colorado, and barely into Wyoming.
In nearly every town in Kansas, we saw huge grain elevators as a co-op which I have yet to research. Any of you know how that works? We took SR 50 out of Dodge City which took us nearly to Colorado Springs, with little to no traffic. Good stuff though. We took the business route near Holcomb, KS, and came across this yard filled with wind turbine parts.
Once we turned around and got back on West bound SR50, we came across a HUGE plant which turned out to be Tyson's Chic…

Day Five

It is never a question of if my stomach will betray me, it is always, when will it happen? This morning was that day, causing us to get off to a later start than planned. Then too, the heat is so extreme, driving only a few hundred miles is enough to wear anyone out. Further, Baxter may be tiring of his cozy spot, so landing in our hotel room by 3 in the afternoon was just fine by him.

In an effort to stay more current, I set up the computer once again, this time on the floor with a newspaper as my mouse pad! This may be the only time I do this as my old knees are not nearly as happy being curled up on the floor as they were when I was a youngster.

But I digress. I told you that Oklahoma City is beautiful, and I'm not kidding. Despite the 100 degree temperature,  I took a stroll around a few of the downtown blocks, finding something to delight me at every turn.
Tons of public art, including a gorgeous red sculpture in front of the Bank of America building.
It is really hard to con…