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Getting our Feet Wet

Hello there!
How awesome is having a rug to tell you what day of the week it is? Traveling for so long, we began getting confused about the day of the week so I was delighted to find this in the Pan Pacific elevator. Clever, don't you think?

Yesterday afternoon, following the blogging session, I did some roaming around, discovering how beautiful this area of the city is.
One thing we will have to get accustomed to is stairs, and lots of them! Way at the bottom of this photograph is the sea wall walk which is quite long from what I gather. Because it has been so warm and sunny, loads of folks were out enjoying the clear weather. How lucky for us to arrive at this time. Imagining months of gray weather is not thrilling, but I'm bound and determined to not complain. Remind me of that in November, will you?
I mentioned before that there are all manner of folks everywhere I turn...
I told Bruce that the people on the cruise ships are watching us, as we watch them!
In front of the h…

The Journey Ends....

and we begin the process of making Vancouver our home for the next year. Can I tell you that we are slightly overwhelmed? Whew! As I type this I am in an eighth floor room in the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel at One Canada Place.
We arrived about 6:00 PST last night amid total chaos in front of the hotel, following a very interesting time at the border crossing. I'll get to that shortly.

Our stay in Missoula was uneventful, but it was nice having a sliding glass door out to a large grassy area for Baxter. I was so hot when we arrived that I even went swimming for a bit in their open pool. I mention an open pool because a fair amount of the places we stayed in had indoor pools, including the Hampton in Pineview, which I know I mentioned before, but I can't say enough about that hotel and their staff. Hampton thinks they are great as well because they won an award for one of the top 25 Hamptons in the US; considering that there are more than 1,900 in the states, that is saying qui…

Wonderful Wyoming! Montana Too

I hardly know where to start except to say that I am in love with the part of Wyoming we traveled through, and I've got the pictures to prove it. Seriously, it has been four days since last we met, and we have seen some beautiful scenery that I hope you will enjoy seeing as if you were along for the ride. Should you not have very much time, I suggest you wait until you do. Although I did my best to pare things down, there are a LOT of photos. But then again, how often does one travel by car more than 3,000 miles with their beloved?

Without further ado, let's get on the road with Bruce and Gail in both Wyoming, and Montana. Our first night, after traveling from Colorado Springs, we stayed in Laramie. I seriously underestimated the traffic on the road I selected, but eventually we arrived. Behind the hotel I was delighted to see that there were fields of wildflowers if one looked carefully. At first glance it merely looks blonde, but if you, like me, had to take the dog out back…