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Day Four at LPV

Bruce and I would be the first to say that we have been so very blessed in life, beginning with finding each other at such an early age. It seemed a fitting reminder when I found these coins at the bottom of Bruce's bottom drawer, of a time when we were very young, and struggling with money following our move to California and back.
Many years ago, during the first year of our twins' life, we were never able to go on a date, even once, because money was so tight. Finally, we counted enough coins to go out to eat as a couple. Moral of the story is that life is full of ups and downs, and at the moment, we are in an upswing!

Monica recommended this excellent moving company:
They said they would be there between 8:30 and 9 AM, and they arrived at 8:30, so I knew right away that we were in good hands.

As you know, we moved a bunch of stuff ourselves, including all of our hanging clothes. I keep my shoes in two laundry baskets at the bottom of my closet, one for open toed shoes, and, well you get it, don't you? I learned it from Angela, and it works brilliantly.
While I was moving stuff like clothes, Bruce moved my desk all by himself! I thought there would not be enough room for my big table for sewing, so he brought it over for us to decide.
Sheepishly I told him if he thought the table would fit, would he mind after his hard work? Not a problem, and now the desk is but one of a multitude of things at Goodwill.

The move began..
When Brian and Jamal arrived I thought they were so slight I was worried, but I shouldn't have been, as they handled everything with ease.
Oh, to be young and strong again!

By 12:30, everything we asked them to move was in our new home; before leaving they posed for a photo.
It does not take a genius to see that it was blazing hot Monday morning!

Originally I'd thought Bruce would want the lake view, however, he decided the front bedroom would work best for his office. Although he sold off, or gave away, most of his tools, fortunately he still had a scroll saw which he used to cut 7 inches off the back of his desk to make it fit better.
Should you be curious, he used the blue masking tape to mark his line, as well as keep the cut clean.

Another thing I moved mostly in my car was our dishes with the help of Cheryle who is an expert packer. I put them in a laundry basket for moving and she put them in place. Note the new chandelier found on Wayfair.
The super cool orange vase is a housewarming gift from David and Michelle, or did I tell you that already? :)

While Cheryle was helping on Sunday, Bruce asked them over for Monday night! I'm like, "honey, that's pretty ambitious isn't it?" Nope, we can do it!

After the movers left, Bruce wasted no time before he began hanging some of the artwork which is pretty much a signature move on his part.
And yes, it forced us to quit working for a few hours of socializing in our new home!!
More art is hung since I took this ,and I swear it looks like an art gallery around here!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, aka known as our home, Bruce finally got the garage completely cleared out, while I continued working inside packing up the master bathroom. If you've ever been in our garage you will hardly believe your eyes at this shot.
After a lifetime of collecting and using tools of all kinds, it is kind of sad, however, he is good. He gave his brother the last remaining power tool, a band saw. Cris came to get it, then came by the condo to see our new home, but more importantly, the lake. You can just see his blue shirt through the bushes.
Bruce left for Dallas yesterday morning with a very late return flight scheduled for the same day. Wonder of wonders, he was able to get on an earlier flight, returning last night by 9:30 only to find me already asleep! On July 4, we both were so worn out by 8:30 we were asleep in minutes despite the loud booms from fireworks across the lake.

I was skeptical that our little sunroom eating table wouldn't fit, but by golly, it works just fine!
So, Cheryle was spot on about not being able to fit two sofas, or my beautiful new corner table. The end tables matching the rattan sofa are now at Goodwill, while the corner table, my awesome table with tables inside, and the orange zebra print antique chair are with Mike and Liza. And I'm just fine with it all especially Mike and Liza wanting some of my favorite things. It is like all the pieces to this puzzle have just fit together beautifully!

While Bruce was in Dallas I sorted out our bedroom, opening box after box looking for my extra camera batteries and chargers, to no avail, I might add. Just when I thought I would go mad looking for them, when I got back to our home, I found a few things in my sewing room closet including a backpack containing, you guessed it....!!!! Back at the condo I began sorting my I really need like 50 cloth napkins?
Nope...Goodwill for the win! After another good night's sleep, it was time to finally tackle this mess...
Except, it still pretty much looks the same as I type this because I finally had to do some errands ,including some much needed food shopping. I called AT&T a few days too late to actually have internet or television until today. Darius came to call at 9:30 this morning and only just left at 3:30!! What took so long, I don't really know, but we up and running now, so that's all that matters.
Baxter is getting more comfortable by the day, still able to get his diaper off, but the good news is, he hasn't wet the new floor which has been a huge relief.

So that's it for this installment. For our Canadian health insurance we need to document our blood pressure. Can you believe it? That move is only a little more than a week away! Good thing Bruce insisted we move here now so we have a little bit of time to recuperate before the next big adventure!

yours truly,

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