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Getting Together with Friends and Family

The countdown begins until the big drive...only six more days to go. Our friends and family have been so good to us, you would think we were moving away forever, what with the outpouring of love and kindness we've been shown. More company on Saturday night....
which of course means lots of chit-chat about old times. I am constantly telling the twins I DON'T want to know any more than I already do about their high school antics, however, they seem to feel free to ignore my pleas. Yikes...those were some seriously crazy days.

Sunday morning, before church, I finally rode my bicycle around the complex admiring all of the massive oak trees, and how, although the buildings are similar, they are also different. I was trying to find some information about how this was built, but aside from reading that they began the construction in 1983, taking five years to complete it, I cannot find much else. I do so wonder about this huge piece of property off Michigan...what could it have been?

One of our ministers is leaving for another church; Sunday was the farewell service including the Orlando Gay Chorus, of which Talia apparently was a member. I'd always heard they were super good, and now I know that they are!
On the way home we stopped here:
Although we'd driven by many times before, this was our first shopping trip, courtesy of Sue. She insisted on paying me for the wedding party photos, which seemed silly to me, but I finally agreed. Having a gift certificate to spend is an occasion to go crazy, especially if you are trying to empty out your food supply. Here was our haul which included a $13.00 six pack of beer, along with a $6 bag of Siracha popcorn. Unreal, right?
Finally we took some time to relax Sunday afternoon. Bruce took his boat out on Lake Pineloch(the big lake) for some fishing time, catching and releasing one; if you look very carefully you will see his orange kayak in the distance.
Meanwhile, I went swimming in the big pool with David, whose picture I insisted on taking.
I loved our swimming pool for sure, but it is nice having a big pool where you can swim laps. It does not hurt that the setting is superb.
With the waterfall and hot tub, I told David I felt like I was at a hotel! Bruce brought the boat in,
as rain seemed imminent. Nothing like Saturday's downpour though...holy cow did it ever rain!

A tiny nap for Bruce, and we were off again, heading over to Pam and Glenn's wonderful home for a party in honor of the couple about to embark on a grand adventure. Everyone in our group are great hosts, but I suspect we can all agree that Pam and Glenn sure know how to throw a party!
Pam outdid herself, making a chicken mole, pork carnitas, and ground beef for tostadas. Cheryle provided the table decoration.
made some fantastic scratch refried beans. Irene, pictured on the left in a super cute blouse she made, brought some cookies that were to die for. Honestly, I've never had a cookie with cayenne pepper before, and frankly, I did not know what I was missing!
Pam insisted we get out of the kitchen for once...
As if there were not enough alcohol in our beverage choices, David, pictured on the right, made a delicious Irish whiskey cake.
It was all good fun and your little blogger cried when Montel brought one of my prints her daughter purchased, maybe six or seven years ago, having everyone sign it, wishing us well.

Monday morning, bright and early, Mr. Peck, the provider in all of this craziness, flew to Seattle, while I organized our closet and dumped most of what was in the junk drawer, pictured above on the kitchen table. Seriously, did I need twenty or so writing instruments? I think not. Walking from the kitchen to the bedroom I saw what I thought looked like a big bird in one of the trees out back. Grabbing my camera, look what I saw:
Walking closer I was thrilled to see another owl fly up onto the same branch!
Before we officially moved here, early one morning Bruce had seen them in a tree outside our front courtyard, telling me about it much later in the day. I was, of course, freaking out. They did not stay long, but you can safely bet that I will be on the lookout from here on out.

Speaking of out back, it is pretty awesome, having someone else do all that yard work.
Last evening, I was watching the Home Run Derby, and I noticed it was pretty much a full moon on the lake, I kept thinking to myself, "by the light of the silvery moon."
Any long time reader of this blog is very familiar with our lifetime of doing everything for ourselves. We are kind of digging letting others do things for us during this time. During our nearly 44 years of marriage we've never earned a dime from real estate, however, this time will be an exception. I'm kind of thinking we are spreading the wealth, and keeping people employed. Today I had a maid service come in to clean Gem Mary Court, and by golly, they did a fantastic job. Once again, Google to my rescue, as I had never heard of Maid to Clean. Perhaps it was the clever name that caught my attention? At any rate, it was well worth every penny!

For now I am letting our house go without sentiment. Wonder what I will say to that in a couple of years?

yours truly,

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