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Small Victories

I would be the first to admit that I have generally lived a life of convenience heretofore, thus adjusting to a brand new life will take some time. I've had several people ask if we are enjoying ourselves and the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Especially when we have small victories like finding the indoor swimming pool,
which is heated I might add. Located in the adjacent building we access it with our ever present key fob, take the elevator from the third floor down to the lobby floor and voila! The gym is behind where I am standing while taking the photograph.
As I mentioned in my last post, we crossed False Creek, basically the water you've seen in my photographs from the balcony, after I located the ferry dock during one of my walks.
Our destination was the Grandville Island Public Market that I visited two years ago and wanted Bruce to see for himself. Talk about a colorful and lively place.
Once I improve my walking stamina, which is getting better every day, I will walk over the bridge rather than take the ferry as it is $3.50 for a three minute ride! Times two and that is just plain silly.

One thing Vancouver has is an abundance of seagulls everywhere. We ran into this woman who explained the falcon was working which obviously puzzled me. As it turns out the mere presence of a falcon is enough to keep the seagulls from snatching at everyone's food.
Now, if it could keep them from pooping everywhere, that would be really something! The whole place reminded me of a little bit of our own Lake Eola farmers market only way more upscale. Cute as well.
We could have gone to the Pride parade but this excursion just seemed easier. Walking back from the ferry, we took Howe Street  up the hill and around a few blocks. Speaking of Howe Street, I can't get over the number of streets nearby that start with the letter "H". There's Howe, Hamilton, Hornby, Heimlicken, Hastings, and Harwood, making for a little bit of confusion, or at least it does for me. That said, Vancouver is relatively compact and mostly quite easy to navigate, at least in the downtown area. Chinatown is another story altogether. A week ago Sunday we got very turned around once we landed in Chinatown!

Are you surprised to see a 7-11? There are actually quite a few. The woman walking ahead of us is carrying balloons from the parade. They were some seriously large balloons!
You would not believe how well Baxter is doing most days. Bruce says he's turned into a new dog; rarely does he bark at other dogs, is much improved with his begging for food, and he is livelier than he's been in quite some time. As to the incontinence problem some days are better than others! He shocked the life out of me the other day when he bounded up all of these stairs in the park to get back to the street level.
So, the park is on one side of us and the other side there is a vacant lot which is being prepped for filming the movie I saw posted about in the elevator. We've been told it is a sequel to Deadpool. 
Most every time I am out walking I see something related to film making, including yesterday afternoon when I was asked to not cross the road because they were filming a scene from, by the looks of the "decorated" BMW, is probably for the aforementioned film. I heard her radio call "action!" then a woman ran across the street, then "cut!"
I've no doubt I'll be quite entertained watching the activity from the comfort of the balcony.

In my wanderings yesterday, which was a civic holiday so fewer people were on the streets, I came across our nearest transit station, only a few blocks away.
Heading down the stairs I found the map of the underground, however, I've no idea how to use it just yet. Give me time...
This storefront amused me..
whereas this place reminded me of an English pub what with all the flowers surrounding it.
The seagulls are not only huge, but bold as well.
This picture, well just because I could..
Bruce had gone to the office where it was nice and quiet with most everyone out for the holiday. He found the place to buy some job site gear including steel toed boots which are required on all construction projects, even if he is just walking around it. Hardhats and vests too. I suspect the shop does pretty well as there are construction projects seemingly on every street.
Another small victory in the books! Today, my main task was to open a Canadian bank account, however, that is not so simple here as it is where we come from. Allegedly all of the advisors were busy and I have an appointment for tomorrow at 11. On the other hand, I did find a new Water Pik at London Drugs, so there's that to celebrate!

News from home....

I sent Regina an email letting her know we arrived safely, and what have you. In her closing remarks she said: Wish I could see you flying by on your bike with your hair flowing behind you.  Love to you both.  I don't know if that should make me happy or sad. :(

Further, it has now been two weeks since Michelle and David had to put Ginger Rogers out of her misery. That dog meant everything to them, so now, although Ginger is not miserable, they sure are! Send some love their way, will you?

Things are good and we are racking up small victories, one at a time.

yours truly,


p.s. Regina also told me that our buyers are having all sorts of wood delivered to the house. What could they be doing?
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