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Apparently I Was Wrong

When I wrote late last week that the antibiotic worked, I was wrong about that. Wishful thinking on my part, which is par for the course for this gal. Prior to Monday evening though, we were going about our business, which included another trip to Richmond on Saturday.

Not only did we need to make a monthly Wal Mart run, but we needed to pick up the sofa cushions. The day we moved in the young woman who is our condo liaison, if you will, told us the previous tenant left the cushions in deplorable shape, and she was having them cleaned. Great. Unfortunately the cleaning process did not do the trick, so she said she would have some new ones made. Except she didn't. Finally, Bruce took it into his own hands, and made it happen, thus our visit to Bari Design.

Even if we didn't have a need I would still love going there, well, for obvious reasons. I love sewing! Plus, manufacturing in any form. I've been that way since I was a very young woman. Before I got involved with other …

Week Eight

Not one to let silly health issues hold me down for long, our eighth week here has been a busy one. Monday, of course, I lallygagged around the house, waiting for the medicine to work, and as far as I can tell, it has. Only ten pills, and that was that. My cold sore is a shadow of its former self.

Can you believe we have been here eight weeks already? During this week, one evening around 5 our time, Bill and Roxanne called to catch up, making me very happy indeed to hear a familiar voice. He was asking me which direction we faced, and I told him we had windows facing both east and west, affording, if I peek around the corner, the sunrise, as well as the sunset. Neither usually interest Bruce, however, on that particular night, even he was impressed. It began with the room turning seriously gold...
and within about an hour and a half, there was, by far, the most exquisite sunset since we arrived.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up if you are like me and don't use Photoshop or…

Hither and Yon

Looking back on things, it does seem kind of crazy I did not know what was happening to me. No more so than on Saturday when we took a little trip to Steveston. But first we went to Richmond, a largely Asian community to meet up with the fellow who makes all of the furniture for Earls restaurants. By hand no less. Well, machines are involved, of course. Sewing machines and all manner of wood working tools. But, we'll get to that in a moment.

First, let's take the Canada Line to Broadway and Cambie Street, shall we?
The Canada Line actually runs from the waterfront all the way to both the airport and Richmond. Now you know.

Back in early July, the day we were having one of our two garage sales, we quit early to attend Judy's retirement party which was just lovely. So, not only was the party great, but Judy's sister Margie gave me a Lonely Planet guide to Vancouver and has it ever been helpful, with suggested neighborhood walks, points of interest, maps...the whole sheba…