Thursday, November 2, 2017

It's Downright Chilly!

Now that I've dried the front of my soaking wet jeans in front of the fireplace, I'm ready to talk about the week, both the lovely, and the not so much. As was true with finding someone to cut my hair, finding a dentist was overwhelming until I received a tip from Carol Ann at Bruce's office. Again, there are dentists everywhere, but I was gun shy having gone to the same dentist for the last 30 years. Unfortunately my appointment time was for this morning at 10:30 during which time it was meant to be raining and raining it was. I now have solid evidence that my rain jacket works beautifully, as does my backpack and waterproof shoes, however, walking a mile and a quarter there and back was not my idea of fun. While bemoaning this to Bruce over the phone on his way to Seattle, he said, "honey, you can always take a cab." Why didn't I think of that?
The rain here is no match for a Florida rainstorm, instead it is steady and when combined with temperatures in the 40's, not much fun to be out in. The dentist visit was what you might call interesting. The view from the waiting room.
As a new patient they insisted on photographing me, as well as my teeth, not to mention using some sort of ultrasound type wand to make a mold of my teeth. The later I am not describing well, but let's just say all of that took about 45 minutes before I went into the hygienist who was both chatty and  remarkably skilled. One of the first things she chatted about was the Vancouver real estate market, speaking of which, Catherine suggested we buy a second home here to which I replied, "we could never afford it", and this chart will explain why and leave you wondering who could? That is a story for another day.

Let's back up some days, shall we? Just when I think I've seen everything out the windows, what should appear on Sunday evening but a mini hot air balloon in the sky. Cool clouds as well.
Monday was a busy day in the condo what with the dryer vent cleaning and the installation by these guys of the new heating/cooling unit which has been out of service ever since we arrived. Long story short, it is a blessing. Xavier and Aman...
In typical fashion they were in no hurry which killed me as it was a beautiful sunny day and I had to stay home. Arriving at 9AM, they never left, aside from lunch, until nearly three in the afternoon. Yikes! I went out walking along the seawall, all the while chatting with Nancy.
This is "our" park and it was the first time I noticed that I could see the mountain between the buildings. When it is sunny in Vancouver, there are few clouds, when it is not, there is nothing but clouds. Nancy was saying that if she were me, she would never stay indoors when the leaves are looking so wonderful. I don't like to, that's for sure, and neither do lots of other folks.
I mean seriously, who, if they have the time, would want to miss all this glorious color?
Cheryle is all dying now to get back to a climate where autumn is the rule, rather than the exception, after seeing how beautiful it has been here, however, the hygienist reminded me again today that this has been one of the best than anyone can remember. Aren't I the lucky one?

Keeping that get outdoors sentiment in mind, Tuesday I took the train out to Central Park in Burnaby, the site where I photographed those cool owl sculptures. This was my first time on the Expo line and it reminded me more of the London train stations that are further underground.
In Vancouver the train system is called Skytrain because much of it is above ground as it was when I got off at the Patterson stop.
Immediately greeted by more gorgeous trees along Patterson Street.
An entrance to the park is just across the street, making that easy and immediately I traded skyscrapers made of steel and glass for ones made of wood.
What a lovely park and I would have stayed longer, however, it was colder than I expected, so my time was what you might term, short and sweet. The sun tried to break through the tree canopy.
But it wasn't enough for me, so retracing my steps, I started walking along the street adjacent to the park. Not my best move because by the time I finally got to a traffic light, I realized I had gone way further than necessary to get to Metrotown, the huge mall in Burnaby, where I wanted, since I was out there, to visit Uniqlo which recently opened in the mall with 400 stores.
Along the route, I came across this amusing sight.
I am here to tell you that they take Halloween very seriously here, even, get this, shooting off fireworks as if it were the 4th of July. Oh wait, make that Canada Day. Beginning, on like Friday night, we kept hearing them go off, but on Tuesday night, someone was even setting them off in the park, presumably a no-no.
Trick or treating does not happen in high rises because, although there are a few kids in the building, residents have no access to other floors aside from their own. Our old neighborhood had few children and our count was usually less than ten so it was not a big loss for me. Bruce was in Dallas attending to a few details there.

More seawall walking near the condo. The pictured restaurant is one featured in the "36 Hours in Vancouver" story in the NYT. Eating there will set you back a pretty penny.
Oh these trees behind the building were so lovely, now leaving a trail of shades of reds.
We are in the Icon I building, there is an Icon II, that I believe has about 12 floors behind us, and then there is the pictured Silver Sea, right along the water. Should you care to purchase a condo in Silver Sea, be prepared to pay $3 million for a two bedroom, tacking on another cool million for a three bedroom. Insanity!

I suspect the only people who don't appreciate the leaves are those folks who clean it all up.
Baxie got a haircut yesterday afternoon while I went to DressSew to purchase the fabric for a coat. Along the way I came across this display in the Telus building window, reminding folks of the upcoming Remembrance Day, sort of like our Veterans Day, but I suspect way more intense as I've seen quite a number of people wearing the poppies already.
From bright and sunny to cold and rainy. How cold is it right now? How does 37 degrees sound to my Florida readers?

Bruce may have had a point when he said the fall display is nearing the end. Below, this afternoon.
Hard to find the ground with so many fallen wet leaves.

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