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The Good, The Bad, and the Fun

What say we begin with the fun, shall we? Sunday morning reminded both of us of a winter day in Vancouver, albeit a little warmer. Driving to church there was solid rain and once there, it required umbrellas, which we'd not used since returning. I said to Bruce, "can you believe we walked the mile to church in the rain so many times while there?" Seriously hard to believe now. At any rate, the rain finally quit around 2:30, just in time to set up for the complex Christmas party featuring a dj, a toy drive, and Santa and his elf. By the time 5:00 rolled around, the tables and chairs had been dried, the chicken tenders were ready, and the folks began arriving with plates of appetizers or desserts to share. Michelle was in charge of decorating and brought in this fun photo op sign. She and David, well, they looked very festive.
I'd planned on wearing a silly Christmas dress, deciding at the last minute that it was too short, so I was delighted when Michelle brought a li…

O Christmas Tree!

I dare you to read that title and not start singing in your head! How lovely are your branches indeed. That, my dear readers, is exactly how I feel about this year's edition of our Peck family Christmas tree. Don't get me wrong, I am sure we've had some lovely trees in the past, however, this one, well it is such a beautiful tree that I swear we could have put it up without ornamentation and it would still be remarkable. Bruce, never known as a huge Christmas buff, probably because he was always working so hard, with inevitable problems and deadlines during the holidays, but this year, well, he's smitten. He even had one of the property managers in for a look which is saying quite a lot. Perhaps it is the Hallmark movie effect? Those are enough to put anyone in a good mood, aren't they? Or, are you fans? It was only last year, during the long winter nights in Vancouver, that we became fans and it appears that we are not alone, according to this report.

Over the cou…

Decorating for Christmas

Folks, this is happening! Come Friday, will Bruce be able to retire in such a fashion is the Million Dollar question?
Matt bought this book for his Dad a few years ago and it went unread until the last month or so, however, with the date drawing nigh, the advice within seems to be hitting home. Let the good times begin!

Generally, I don't miss our home an awful lot, but this past week it was different. And how so? Christmas. Decorating for Christmas. Most of you understand that don't you? We have our routine and we stick to it. In our case, aside from the tree, my favorite part of our decorations was the mantle over our fireplace that Bruce would decorate every year. Beautifully, I might add. The stockings were hung with care. Except this year. Where do you hang stockings even if they aren't needed anymore? I won't deny that it made me a wee bit sad when the tubs came over from our storage unit.
Good grief, we've got enough wrapping paper to last ten years! On the …

Repair, Restore, and Thanksgiving Too

It must have been Wednesday afternoon that I sat down to write a blog post in the usual fashion. I begin by putting my camera card into the slot on the back of my iMac, wait and see if I've got any good photos, and begin formulating a story to tie them together. Much to my dismay, a message popped up on my screen saying that my photo library could not be found. Great.

Now I can't remember what I'd planned to write about, however, I know this photo was meant to be shared.
And I'd intended to talk a bit about all of the changes happening around our neck of the woods, including this demolition across the street from Publix and the new Lucky Market center going in.
The old house and apartment building were in pretty rough shape, however, you have to wonder where the folks who lived there have found affordable housing. I'd gone to Publix for some seriously needed shopping, something I seem to put off until I'm forced into it by an empty refrigerator! Our upgraded Pu…