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Oh Baxter, Our Baxter

Just when we thought things could not get any harder with Baxter, they have.
We've managed to live with the wetting inside the house using the trusty "elder dog wrap", or that's what Bruce calls it anyway. Now however, he's begun defecating in the house and it is not good. During Matt and Tom's visit, one day we were gone for a long time, so although we'd hoped he'd wait until we returned, he didn't. That we could understand, however, for several weeks now, when we take him outdoors he goes a smidgen, then, when we are gone, he goes a lot inside, more particularly on the nice big rugs that don't belong to us. Now what?

Well, next we decided to shut him in the bedroom where his bed is located, and that is why I went looking for an additional water bowl so he'd have one handy. At least, in there, the floors are wood. One day, I left without shutting the door and you can guess what happened. It gets worse. He looks so spiffy in the photo abov…

The Sky

After our friend, Karen Howard, moved to the North Carolina mountains, she said one of the things she missed the most about living in Florida was the fluffy, white clouds, ever present throughout the year. Now I have a better understanding of how she felt.

There is no escaping the sky when you are living this high off of the ground with abundant glass. Because our high rise was the first to be built in this area of downtown, there are few impediments to the view. From what I've gathered, views are both highly prized, and highly protected here. And what is there to see? Having lived here for more than five months now, I've learned that there is a lot to see. Whereas in the summer months, your eyes are drawn to the activity on the water below, in the winter, it is all about sky watching. Will it rain? Will there be fog? Will that yellow circle on my phone, indicating a sunny day, really happen? If so, will there actually be a sunrise or sunset? What about the moon and stars? Wil…

Worth Every Single Step

It couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes after clicking on the publish space for my last post, that there was a drastic change in the weather. Blue!! There was some blue in the sky! Praise the Lord!
Not a whole lot, but it seemed that it definitely would mean some hours without rain. Actually, I keep going on about the rain, however, there are days when it rains relatively hard, while others, it only sprinkles from morning until night, it is the dullness in the sky that really gets to you.

With the temperature in the low 40's, not as many layers are needed, so I put on what I thought would work, along with those walking shoes Bruce bought me, with my backpack full of extra clothing should I need it, and began walking along Beach towards Stanley Park. I remember the first day I walked there and was so pleased with my progress, although my feet hurt like mad. Mostly my feet don't hurt anymore, making me ever so grateful. Noticing it was windy alongside the water, I cr…