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Nootka Island, Part Two

I've been on the phone more than usual, beginning with Fallon whose birthday it is today. While I was talking to her, I heard a text come through and it was from Regina letting me know that Corrine died yesterday. Both Regina and Corrine were long time neighbors of ours on Gem Mary Court, although technically they live on Appleton Avenue. Neither of those wonderful women are/were spring chickens with Regina, still all feisty at 82, whereas Corrine was 92 and had typical problems for a human of that age. I miss them both.

Plus I called Carol to check on her. You may remember she had the Whipple procedure two years ago and is in the midst of a severe setback which pains me to no end. Then I had to talk to Maureen about it, followed by Nancy. I wish Bruce were home, but he's been in Alberta and Saskatchewan since Monday morning and won't return until late tonight. Although I am in a bit of a funk, let's return to Nootka Island for some lovely moments in time.

Some folks w…

Nootka Island, Part One

After a long dry spell, wouldn't you know it, rain fell as we left Vancouver Wednesday morning to board the ferry at Horseshoe Bay.
As with all things, practice is the key to success, so although we are no experts on ferry crossings, this time we knew the pitfalls to watch out for, making darn sure we were in the right lane this time.
I have no idea if there was a handy sign on our previous trip, but we sure knew to look for it this time! We kept double checking ourselves and sure enough as we drove on the ferry, this sign indicating Naniamo confirmed we were doing everything just right.
Ferry travel is the bomb folks, with wide comfortable seats, along with huge windows for gazing at the passing scenery. While I'd looked forward to having brilliant blue skies for the crossing, it was not to be as we left the mainland.
Looks pretty ominous to a Floridian, but the further we rode on the Queen of Oak Bay,
the skies began clearing, if only for a little while. This journey of 90 m…