Thursday, January 18, 2018

Oh Baxter, Our Baxter

Just when we thought things could not get any harder with Baxter, they have.
We've managed to live with the wetting inside the house using the trusty "elder dog wrap", or that's what Bruce calls it anyway. Now however, he's begun defecating in the house and it is not good. During Matt and Tom's visit, one day we were gone for a long time, so although we'd hoped he'd wait until we returned, he didn't. That we could understand, however, for several weeks now, when we take him outdoors he goes a smidgen, then, when we are gone, he goes a lot inside, more particularly on the nice big rugs that don't belong to us. Now what?

Well, next we decided to shut him in the bedroom where his bed is located, and that is why I went looking for an additional water bowl so he'd have one handy. At least, in there, the floors are wood. One day, I left without shutting the door and you can guess what happened. It gets worse. He looks so spiffy in the photo above because I took him to the groomer yesterday and doesn't he look cute as a button? In the afternoon, while talking to David about this subject, by golly, he walked over to the big rug and squatted so fast I could not stop him. This time, however, it was a bloody mess. I'm saying to David, I don't know what to do, however, once I hung up, I did know what to do. I called the vet and thankfully, if I could get there within the hour, they would see us. I brought samples, lest they did not believe me. I learned he's lost nearly a pound in the last two months, hidden, I suppose by all that hair they cut away. We are awaiting the specimen results, but I think I already know what is going on and it can't be good. Sorry for going on about this, but I thought you'd like to know.

In other news, we've had a sunrise my friends. Before dawn a few days ago, I thought there was a strong possibility upon seeing the sky look like this.
I was pretty excited seeing some color, other than gray in the sky, so I kept my eye on it. Sure enough:
And when the color was so intense that the reflections in the water were red, well, need I say more?
Should you have looked at the map in my last post, the mountain and buildings in the distance are in Burnaby. Michael J. Fox was from Burnaby in case you were wondering. :)

In yet more news, Matt was going crazy with my former computer set up so, at the last minute, he moved it onto the little table pictured. That was good, but there was still that metal ball thing behind it, and frankly, it looked a tad bit messy what with all the cords and such sitting on the ground. Brucer came up with a way to hide most of the cords, something he is very good at doing. As well, we moved the couch down, the metal ball thing is now my nightstand, and the former nightstand is now an end table. Got all that?
Ta da! New set up along with the eventual sunrise!

I'll be keeping my eye on this bed in the park that was planted about a month ago. Wonder what it will  look like in the next two months?
Speaking of Spring, I found this the other day.
Leslie sent me a newsy email that I was so happy to receive. She mentioned all of the things I have to look forward to in the months ahead and she is so right. A few things she didn't know about are the annual Cherry Blossom Festival (!!!), as well as the annual parade in Chinatown, celebrating the New Year. In a stroke of good fortune for me, it begins, literally, on the street below Bruce's office window!

That day that looked so promising with the glorious sunrise seemed like a good day to take a walk, and walk I did, heading east on the seawall,
I just kept on going...
making my way to the Science Center on Main Street. Note the Expo Skytrain on the elevated tracks. Same one we took on Saturday in case you did not read that post.
I have no idea what the significance of stacked cars on a pedestal is, except that it looks pretty cool, eh?
I just threw that "eh" in there for fun. How's that? It's a typical Canadian phrase.

One end of Main Street heads straight into Chinatown, some streets I'd yet to explore. So many little shops that look like this:
Before I leave this place, I may just know more about here than where I really live! Anyway, here, there is much bemoaning the closing of neighborhood restaurants, such as the bbq place pictured below.
Further, I took this shot because it shows yet another tension in the city. Gentrification coming to Chinatown. They just voted down a developer who has tried THREE times to get a permit for a tower, or what we call a high rise.
It is my understanding that the Chinatown here is the largest one in the world outside of China itself. The streets are mighty colorful.
Chop Suey? I didn't think that was for real, although we sure thought so when we were kids!
Because I was in the neighborhood I popped by the park that sits adjacent to the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The park is free, the gardens are not, although during February I intend to visit the gardens while they are decorated for Chinese New Year. Lanterns are already hanging..
I am always happy to come across plants that we had in our own yard, in this instance, the Nandina bushes that graced our exterior doors, and here they are in Vancouver, covered with wonderful red berries.
Did you notice the blank sky? No rain, but no sun either.  Most days this week have had some rain, but with my wonderful new umbrella from London, I am all set. Isn't it the greatest? No color in the sky, but over my head, I am in a world of color.
I saw this while at the park, and while I hope it is true of Baxter, I won't be surprised if it is not.
The vet gave us an antibiotic in case of infection and I boiled a chicken breast and rice for him, however, he's not eaten a thing today and has mostly been sleeping. It sure is hard to know what to do but one thing we've decided is there will be no extraordinary measures to keep him going. No pain is our motto.

In spite of the fact that it was raining when I walked the five blocks to the vet with Baxter in my arms, once we got home, there was a sunset. Two colorful skies in one week!

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