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A Very Snowy Day

Before moving here, I will admit that I did not study the weather in Vancouver, figuring it is Canada, why wouldn't it snow? There is a reason I'd only heard about rain in Vancouver because, as it turns out, big snow is an anomaly, happening every so often rather than regularly. And while I'd planned to write about the adventures of the week, including some snow, yesterday's snowstorm trumps it all. Want to watch how things unfolded during a snowy day? Good, I thought that is what you would say.

Wouldn't you know it, Bruce has taken to walking to work, beginning last Monday, with yesterday, despite the light snow when he left, being no exception. It must have been about 8 in the morning when it began, slowly at first and picking up speed as the day progressed.
While we have had snow since we've been here, yesterday it kept snowing and snowing and snowing.  At first you could still see some grass under the snow but in two hours time, it was nothing but snow.

Maximum Color

It was cold on the day of the parade, not as cold as today, but enough so that we walked to Bruce's office bundled up where we planned to watch the parade in comfort. Walking down Pender we began seeing a little of what was to come.
Please note the take out sushi for $1.95 in the store window on the left! Sushi is so commonplace here that it is even sold in convenience stores!
As we approached the gate to the parking lot, performers were milling about in front of it.
We had to hunt around for an office window that looked down upon the proceedings and Bruce opened the window that I might use for taking photographs. Friends, I have pared them down as much as possible but with a parade as colorful as this one, it was a challenge to do so.

Unlike any parade we have ever witnessed, this one was full of stops and starts, loads of firecrackers as well as horrible music. Well, not all of it was bad, but they use some sort of cymbals that I was hoping to learn about from this article, howe…

Weekend Snow

Not long after waking on Saturday morning, it began to snow. At first Bruce was skeptical, thinking it really wasn't snowing, however, eventually he conceded that, indeed, it was snowing, albeit not very much. Well, enough for me anyway; I just love watching it fall.
Neither rain, nor snow seems to keep the dragon boat teams from practicing.
Zarita suffered from the flu this past week, so Bruce wanted to visit her job to see how things were going. You know who went along for the ride. Before we went to West Vancouver, Bruce needed to pick up his computer from the office where I saw this in their lunchroom. Go Canada Go is the theme, and that they have done. To date they have 17 medals whereas the US has 10!
The job is along the waterfront adjacent to an area called Ambleside which seems fitting as there is a walkway running all along the water. While he went inside, I did just that, ambled along the water.
As you can see, the sky was a bit gloomy, however, I was not the only one a…