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Super Saturday!

It was only recently that it hit me---our time in Vancouver will be over before we know it! As such, weekend day trips are a must. The weather has been all over the map with chilly, rainy weather happening many days, although, thank God, not all of them. Saturday morning, while not rainy, got off to a gloomy start, however, we were bound and determined to make the best of it, as one does when one lives in Vancouver.

Heading over the Lionsgate Bridge to the North Shore, things were not looking very promising.
"Now what honey?", so asks my sweet husband. Let's begin at Capilano River State, oops, make that Regional Park. I wrote about our February visit to some of the park here. That would be when there was snow on the ground and an amazing rainbow that I won't soon forget. At any rate, we found the downhill road leading into the park, got a parking spot and prepared for the chilliness outside the warm cocoon of our car. It did not take long before the beauty of the sp…

The Element of Surprise

Well, my friends, you asked for more Spring flowers and who am I to disappoint?
One of the things that is most exciting for me now is that I am constantly in a state of wonder. You know, the kind most folks had before Google changed all of that. Now, most information is but a Google search away, however, there are some things only a human can tell you from experience. Plus where's the fun in staring at a screen all of the time?

On my way to deliver the quilt, I stopped first at some small gardens under the Burrard Street bridge which boast signs saying someone in the community is caring for this patch of ground. As I made my way, up some stairs and along a beaten path towards the steps leading to the bridge, I came across some folks gardening. Try as I might, I cannot remember the woman's name, but the man's name is Dale, both of whom have been calling this garden their own for the last 11 years.
What an interesting pair they are, and I was thrilled that they were able to …

On the First Day of Spring

On the first day of Spring, we took the Christmas tree down. I kid you not. As you may recall, it was the idea of the brilliant Mr. Peck who suggested we remove the ornaments and just leave the lit tree in place. And so we did. Honestly, I'm not sure how I would have gotten through the short, dark days of winter without it. First thing in the morning I would plug it in, leaving it on all day long until bedtime. Now, however, it has gone with Bruce to the office where we hope someone will take it home and make it their own next Christmas.

Long days, with seemingly every one of them something new to discover. Because we moved here in late summer, I had no idea what the trees would look like in the Spring. That's a good thing for a curious sort like myself, wondering what the little buds will turn into. Last week sometime I saw a bush type plant with some strawberry colored flowers. That particular one was scantily laden, however, this one, seen on my way to buy groceries, was lu…