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Beautiful British Columbia

Unlike in Florida, where we have more license plates than you can count, here there is but one, placed on both the front and back of the vehicle, reading, "Beautiful British Columbia." From our limited exposure,  there is no arguing with that.

Saturday we planned a small trip to Lynn Canyon Park on the North Shore, heading that way just after lunch. The plan was for me to walk to the office, arrive by noon, and we would be on our way. I began my walk on Pacific Avenue where I first encountered four folks in costume as they passed me by. ???? Why is that super tall man wearing a mullet wig? Walking up Beatty Street, I encountered more folks wearing costumes at noon on a sunny Saturday. What the heck?
As it turns out, while walking past BC Place, I learned that there was a weekend of Rugby, an international tournament called Rugby 7, going on. Apparently groups wearing costumes is what you do when you attend this kind of event, or so it seemed to me as I continued my walk. In …

Early Spring

Tom asked me, while we were in Orlando, how did I feel about missing some of the early days of Spring in Vancouver? Let's just say I was glad that there were so many beautiful trees and plants blooming in Orlando to make up for the time we were not here!

Obviously I would not want to miss our son's wedding for anything in the world, but I will say that the morning following our evening arrival, I went out on a walk as soon as possible. It was ugly, but I was bound and determined to see how those hillside daffodils were doing, and it was not long before I got my answer.
At the outset, let me just say that I have seen bulbs before, but I have never watched the magic happen over time. What looked to be just an open grassy area for all of the time we've been here, suddenly is filled with bright yellow flowers. And not just daffodils either. I am seriously crazy about the Crocuses! Small, but they carry a big punch, what with scores of them, seemingly, coming from nowhere.

Short and Sweet

Our time spent in Orlando was seriously short, in part because it takes so darn long to get there from Vancouver. Not entirely surprising given the distance. Plus, layovers, my least favorite part of traveling by airplane. A week ago Wednesday morning, the cab dropped us off in front of the airport before 5, for our 6:15 PST flight. If you've taken an international flight out of Vancouver you know how darn far you have to walk to get to your gate! The flight took off on time, much to my relief, and we were off to Minneapolis, flying over the frozen Earth for much of the time.
I must say, it was pretty darn awesome! Eventually, after the layover, we arrived in Orlando at 5:30 PM, EST, making for a very long day. Because we'd gotten up so early, it was not all that hard to jump right into EST.

I'll tell you what, surprising as it may seem, the condo was not very dusty at all. Nevertheless, before we got going on Thursday morning, the floors were cleaned and the furniture dus…