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Maximum Color

Most days you will find me roaming around with my camera. No surprise really, but here I've taken it to a new level. On every excursion, whether it be right in the next door park, or walking the city streets, I'm seeing new things, which at our age, is a very good thing. And although I knew we were going to the tulip festival on Thursday, I still wanted more so I made a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park again to see what had changed since my last visit. Oh my, oh my, oh my!
I really can't find the words to describe the glories of spring, at least in this part of the world. Perhaps it is even better other places, I'll never know, however, I'm soaking it all in every chance I get. The weather was cooperative last week, in fact it got quite warm before this past weekend's rain. As soon as I got off the train, exiting onto Cambie Street, I saw Dogwood trees, something Nancy and I had only recently discussed. Quite common in the Atlanta area, I hadn't yet seen any h…

Is it Any Wonder?

Going back through the photographs I've taken this April, aside from there being far too many, I counted all of the new flowers/plants I've seen, and even I am astonished that there are 72 new things to date. Incredible, right? My method was to just count the type. In other words, daffodil counts as one and so forth. When you start getting into the various colors, the number is probably closer to 100. Is it any wonder I'm going crazy with happiness? It hardly seems fair that I get to roam around and gawk while B is working, however, he does not quite have the same enthusiasm level when it comes to growing things. Although he is pretty smitten with the new growth on all the trees, as well he should be.
I finished the David Sedaris book, returning it this morning. Beth, bless her heart, alerted me that he will be here in a matter of weeks, playing at the Vogue theater which is but a few blocks away. We would be fools not to go.

The Vancouver police had a very busy weekend wh…