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Making My Rounds

Bruce called me one morning, asking if I were making my rounds, among other things. How DID you guess? Yesterday, it was finally super cloudy, meaning, a good day for photographing flowers of which I knew there would be copious amounts at Van Dusen Gardens. Taking the #17 bus, from the corner of Cambie and Nelson, I did just that. Is there such a thing as too MANY flowers? Maybe. Talking to a couple from Texas on the azalea walk, we both agreed that the colors here are so intense as to almost seem fake. Bright orange azaleas? Why yes, they exist. I'm still mentally processing what I saw and will show you some highlights in another post, but what Bruce meant when he asked about my rounds, is the flowers grown by my new friends in the neighborhood. Plus the park. With something new everyday, I really need walk but a few blocks to not only see amazing things, but also to have some folks to chat with, and we all know how much I like chatting.
All of last week, I'd been watching th…

A Weekend to Remember

Someone who loves me very much, in a kind and gentle way, brought to my attention a cringe-worthy mistake I've made on the pages of Camera Crazy. Rather than describe my new friends as guerrilla gardeners (apparently a trend), I called them GORILLA gardeners. Yeesh! What WAS I thinking?

With that out of the way, let's move on to more pleasant topics, namely the past weekend. Many of my days begin with a neighborhood walk, checking on all my gardening sites for change which, at this time of year, is a given.
The weather has been so good for days on end, reminding me that when that is the case, Vancouver's beauty is nearly unrivaled. Friday morning I had my hair cut, letting Brent pretty much do what he wanted. What he wanted was to cut off a bunch, which he succeeded in doing, something like three inches. I must say it feels quite good, however, styling it myself, well, we'll see.

Later on, I walked over to Earl's to meet B for dinner where a lovely, and surprisingl…