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Who Would Have Thought?

In order to catch up, I'm writing again this afternoon. Mostly because I've seen so much since we went to Victoria that I am just bursting to show you what is happening NOW.  Birds, in fact, but that will come soon enough, it isn't every day that a girl gets to go to the Butchart Gardens! For those of you who have never heard of it, and I would have been in your camp a few years ago had Angela and Matt not gone, here is some information. While it was fantastic, if you can believe it, I was disappointed it was so darn SUNNY! Thus, most of my photographs are not great. In addition, as I mentioned about the flowers in Victoria, the same held true for the gardens; transitional season in progress. Nevertheless, I am thrilled that we went and perhaps you will be as well.

Before leaving the hotel, this was our view. Hard to imagine that there is snow remaining on the mountains isn't it? At least to a Floridian!
The sign gives you a notion about how long they have been showing…

Visiting Victoria

In my last post, you learned that we were taking a short trip to Victoria for Bruce's birthday. You also learned that to get to Vancouver Island you must take a ferry, and even more importantly, the correct one. Since we did not follow that advice, getting on the Duke Point ferry, rather than the more direct one to Swartz Bay, our drive to Victoria was longer than we anticipated, but not without sights, so all's well that ends well. Right? We think so. Taking Canada 1, we drove South, seeing amongst other things, beautiful yellow flowers growing everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.
Naturally I was going crazy wondering what they looked like up close; stopping for gas, at more than $6 a gallon I might add, I had the opportunity to do just that. A quick internet search has led to this informative article that tells me, and you, should you care to know more, that it is Scotch Bonnet, an invasive species which has spread throughout the island and beyond. Now we know.

After travel…