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Continuing Birthday Celebrations for Mr. Peck

I used up the last of the arborio rice last night making broccoli risotto to go with baked chicken in an effort to begin using up all of our staples. I'm not gonna lie, it is a little bittersweet. In many ways it has been a fun challenge making food here with so little equipment because let's face it, we all get pretty set in our ways. I know I do. There is not much flour left, or brown sugar, or really most things. Thanks to Bonnie though, I still have some spices which I'll have B take to the office before we leave, hoping someone can use them. We will leave behind the mixer, as well as the loaf and muffin pan.  The square pan is in the oven as I type and that will stay too. Hard to imagine it was but, what seems like yesterday, that I was outfitting the kitchen doesn't it?

Pina and Giovanni were back to their ways, treating us like gold. They made reservations for dinner at a favorite pizza place on Commercial Drive, home to Little Italy. What I did not realize was …

A Late Spring Trip to Whistler

Alec asked Bruce to sort out a small problem they were having at the Earls location in Whistler;  naturally, I asked if I could ride along. Bruce was happy for the company, and I was more than happy to provide it. Although Bruce has been there multiple times, he had never driven there himself. A confidant driver, after all, he drove us all the way here, but the Sea to Sky drive takes some getting used to for both the driver, and passenger. At least for me, the winding roads make me more than a little anxious, especially going there. Heading home, for some reason, seems easier. The scenery, though, is totally worth the experience.
We left plenty early in order to arrive in time for his 9AM meeting, and as there was very little traffic, that was fairly easy to do. The distance is 75 miles, however, when none of road is straight, it takes a good deal longer than you might think. There's just something about a wall of chicken wire fencing to keep falling rocks at bay that is a little …

Where to Begin?

Because I seem to be packing in as much as I can while we wind down this Vancouver adventure, it is oftentimes hard to know where to begin my narrative. Of course if I would leave my camera in my backpack more often, I probably wouldn't have this problem. :)

Alas, my trusty Olympus just seems to find its way into my hands, whether I'm at home, or out and about, so here goes with what I think you might be interested in, and more importantly things I might be happy to remember in the future. It is so fun going back reading old blog posts, including this one following our first week in Vancouver. Indeed, I have yet to be bored here. Chilly, yes, bored no. And yes, it is still chilly here; the high today will be 57 degrees, and allegedly it will rain. At this point rain would be welcomed here as it has been very dry for more than a month. In the middle of next week we have a big adventure scheduled, including a ride in a float plane, so let us hope the rain holds off for those day…