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Oftentimes, people ask me what I like photographing the most. Then too, when the topic of my blogging comes up, they ask what do you write about? Both questions I find difficult to answer with any certainty. I tell them it is not really a photography blog, nor a true diary, not even a space filled with tutorials. What is it anyway?

Probably what drives most of my endeavors is curiosity. Of course, "curiosity killed the cat", or so they say. Perhaps having as much curiosity as I do isn't necessarily a good thing, but it is the only way I know how to behave, so I carry on, writing and photographing everything interesting I encounter. And you, dear reader, feel free to pick and choose what you find interesting in this bit of space on the web. Maybe one of you might think of a snappy reply to that question? Suggestions most welcome!

Without further ado......

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to comprehend a rainforest this far north. Of course, coming from someo…

Unexpectedly, a New Camera

Last week I was slightly off kilter as I am no longer accustomed to Bruce being away from home for multiple days. Then too, I was worried about my sister, so there was that. Anyone who knows me, undoubtedly also knows that when I am in a bit of a funk, I do my best to stay busy and not dwell on my feelings because I live by the motto, "this too shall pass." And while that may not work for some folks, to date, it has for me.

I was thrilled with an invitation from Beth to an impromptu dinner party at her cute apartment off Broadway, across the water from us. After distributing the salmon Bruce caught to others in their department, she saved some to grill for the seven of us. While I told here I would be delighted for the company, I am not a salmon eater. No worries, come anyway and I'll fix you something. I took the #10 bus across the Granville bridge and after getting off, walked the five or so blocks to her place which is part of an old home that has been converted into …