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The Open Road

When you travel through four states with a combined population of just a bit over 4 million people, I suppose empty roads are to be expected. We've combined both country roads and the interstate and in some states they were equally as empty. When last I posted, we were in Montana and I said time would tell what I thought. Well friends, we thought it was magnificent.
Heading west we began in quite empty lands, followed by driving the winding roads through the Lewis and Clark National Forest. Clarification--Bruce drove!
The scenery was varied, gorgeous, gorgeous. As you can tell we were using the back roads and what a blessing it was.
Our mission was to get to Wyoming and spend the night in Gillette, a small town that has hotels. One thing out here that is a bit of a challenge is the lack of both towns and hotels so planning is well, quite the challenge.
The wide open spaces are so good for the soul. Just before we arrived in Gillette, while getting gas and using the facilities, I p…

The Return Journey: Days One Through Four

I remember Ann Goodpasture telling me that on their Canadian Rockies train trip, the fancy one, that there was serious overload of amazing sights, so much so that she became a little blase after a while. Not in this camp. The only problem is deciding what to show because I have very little time to blog. With that in mind, I'll show some highlights and perhaps, once we are home, I will fill in some gaps.

Let's get started, shall we?

It was mighty fun while it lasted, but the Pecks have flown away from Vancouver, albeit in the opposite direction of these birds, taken on our last night.
Our plan had been to leave on Monday, July 23, however, after thinking more about it, we decided to just get moving and leave on Sunday. This, while a good idea for getting the strip started, meant some changes in our route and overnight stays.

But, before we left, we met up with Beth, Zarita and Greg for our final dinner together in Vancouver. It seemed awfully significant that I'd chosen thi…

Saying our Goodbyes

When Zarita called the other morning, after dropping off my library books, I'd intended to go to Dress Sew for one last time to not only see if there was anything more I wanted, but to say goodbye to some of the ladies who were nice to me. I am fully aware that may sound a little corny, but I can remember the first time I visited and was not only overwhelmed (a good thing) with my choices, but also being shocked at how rude much of the staff was. Or, at least that way my initial impression. Following that first visit I came home and looked the place up, finding many similar reviews online about the staff.
Over time, and after many, many, visits there, the staff thawed, I knew what I was doing, and things went swimmingly. I shall very much miss that store. As I was paying for my final purchase, the cashier, formerly super rude, asked me if I were on Facebook, writing down her name and asking me to connect. :)

Walking home along Seymour, I decided to take a few photos of the places …