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Everyday Life

I wish I had more exciting photographs to share, alas, that is not to be. However, what's wrong with everyday life anyway? After all, that's what makes up most of life, interspersed with excitement, and in our case, a year long adventure? Speaking of excitement and grandeur, Jon and Alissa are in Iceland for ten days and oh my gosh, that is one place that I now know we must visit after seeing their tremendous photographs. Matt and Tom visited some years ago, and my sister Nancy has now been twice. From what I can tell, visiting Iceland is anything BUT everyday life.

Hot and humid days remains the story here. Thunderstorms continue.
The above clouds produced some seriously heavy rain, however there have actually been two days without rain, in part thanks to Hurricane Florence which is pulling moisture out of the air. This past week was the anniversary of Hurricane Irma which struck Central Florida pretty hard although we hardly knew much about it because the coverage in Canada …

What Luck

Here we are, only 16 years old and ready for prom. Can this be? Did we wear short dresses back then? According to the notation on the back, we had dinner first at the English Pub in Melbourne, pre dance. Can you even believe my hair? Technically, since this was taken on May 23, 1970, I am 16, while B had just turned 17. And to think that only six years later we were parents to a young son, Matthew. Sweet!
Homemade dress, btw.

Well then, what brought this about you ask? Saturday we spent the day making the condo more user friendly. Mostly Bruce did all of the work, but I helped as needed. Mostly I asked for things to make living here more our style which means, organization. Our washer and dryer are in a closet in the front bathroom, and prior to Saturday afternoon, there was a collection of cleaning tools leaning in the corner next to the dryer. Soap and what have you were on a shelf somewhat high above the appliances. Now, however, it is looking mighty spiffy in there thanks to you k…

The Wait is Over

But before we get to today's exciting events, let's go back a few days, shall we? Doesn't everyone love how water looks when it is so still it looks as if it could be a solid surface? I know I sure do.
Being up early helps when it comes to seeing such sights,  although I admit, our waking times are not quite as regular, or early, as they were when Bruce was heading to the office every day. One day we might be up at 5, and the next 6:30. Now, however, I've got a new toy to keep track of all that. And what might that be Gail? Before leaving Vancouver, our friends Pina and Giovanni gave me a most generous gift, an early birthday present they called it. Except, I had no real idea how to set it up, so when Bill and Fallon came over on Labor Day, I had her set it up. Oh, by the way, a Red Shouldered Hawk has just flown into the tree outside my window.

But I digress. I will say I wish it were an owl instead, and speaking of that, the other morning, early, I received a text fr…

Little by Little

Whether it was seeing the otters play in the lake, or the trip to the cemetery, or maybe it was the water aerobics class I took, in any case, I am mostly out of my funk. Plus college football started, so there's that.

Shall we begin with the otters? Here's what happened---standing along the shoreline, maybe two feet from me, I saw what looked like an animal, albeit only the top of the head. I wish I could better describe it, but alas, all I can say is that it looked like a hump with wet hair. Watching for a few moments, it also appeared that there were small air bubbles adjacent to the animal, causing me to think it was not my imagination working overtime. Immediately I ran to the back door, calling out to Bruce to come take a look. Please hurry honey! He watched too, and neither of us were quite sure what we were seeing. He tossed a small stick that way, and instantly the hair/head came to life, swimming off towards the middle of the lake. Well then! Although I'd been tol…