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Keep on Moving

Does this look like an exercise class to you?
To tell you the truth, this is a pretty accurate assessment of the class, lots of ladies talking, talking, talking. Don't get me wrong, I might be considered a world class talker, but for crying out loud, there is so much talk in the pool that hearing the instructor is all but impossible. Nevertheless, in the words of a woman I met at the church who turns 76 today, the most important thing is to "keep on moving", thus I continue going when I can.

The weather is most certainly not a deterrent because it is still blazing hot. Just because we always say that September, and even into October, are the worst months, does not make it any easier. Those massive thunderstorms we'd been having have, for the moment at least, stopped, so although inconvenient, they do help to cool things off. Now we are just stuck with the HOT sun and days with temperatures reaching into the mid 90's. Meanwhile, Mr. Peck has left for most of the w…


When last I wrote, I mentioned that otters were nowhere to be found, but like most things, their presence is unpredictable. One thing I have learned to date is that if they are to be seen, it will be in the morning with the worst lighting for a photograph, at least pointed East. Nevertheless, I'm still trying. Perhaps it will be fun to see if I ever do get an excellent shot? Then again, maybe not.
I will keep trying, however,  I won't subject you to every attempt. I still keep trying with the shore birds too. Same lighting problems with them, but again, that never stops me from hoping one day the shot will be good.
On Wednesday, Sue asked if I'd like to walk with her at Barber Park, meeting just before 8AM. You bet! Except, I woke up countless times the night before, rising on my elbow to see the clock on Bruce's side of the bed. Finally a little before 5 I got up and soon thereafter sat down at my sewing machine to make, well I was thinking one of those spiral rugs li…


Whatever gave me the idea that our settling into a new life would be seamless is hard to imagine, let alone explain, however, it finally occurred to me late last week that it was okay if it were harder than I expected. I'm one of those "look on the bright side of life" kind of gals, but I suspect I needn't put that into writing because it is something you probably already knew. Or did you?

It was late las week when I finally looked into our landline answering machine which read something like VM, call company for access. Before I did that though, I pushed the button on the answering machine, thinking it might be full and that is why messages were going into space, or in our case, AT&T. That's when it hit me---not only was I missing Vancouver, but I was missing our house as well. What a step back in time---one message was from Maureen, "hey Gail, I heard you sold your house, congratulations!" Several were from Scott who installed our new flooring in …

Everyday Life

I wish I had more exciting photographs to share, alas, that is not to be. However, what's wrong with everyday life anyway? After all, that's what makes up most of life, interspersed with excitement, and in our case, a year long adventure? Speaking of excitement and grandeur, Jon and Alissa are in Iceland for ten days and oh my gosh, that is one place that I now know we must visit after seeing their tremendous photographs. Matt and Tom visited some years ago, and my sister Nancy has now been twice. From what I can tell, visiting Iceland is anything BUT everyday life.

Hot and humid days remains the story here. Thunderstorms continue.
The above clouds produced some seriously heavy rain, however there have actually been two days without rain, in part thanks to Hurricane Florence which is pulling moisture out of the air. This past week was the anniversary of Hurricane Irma which struck Central Florida pretty hard although we hardly knew much about it because the coverage in Canada …