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Repair, Restore, and Thanksgiving Too

It must have been Wednesday afternoon that I sat down to write a blog post in the usual fashion. I begin by putting my camera card into the slot on the back of my iMac, wait and see if I've got any good photos, and begin formulating a story to tie them together. Much to my dismay, a message popped up on my screen saying that my photo library could not be found. Great.

Now I can't remember what I'd planned to write about, however, I know this photo was meant to be shared.
And I'd intended to talk a bit about all of the changes happening around our neck of the woods, including this demolition across the street from Publix and the new Lucky Market center going in.
The old house and apartment building were in pretty rough shape, however, you have to wonder where the folks who lived there have found affordable housing. I'd gone to Publix for some seriously needed shopping, something I seem to put off until I'm forced into it by an empty refrigerator! Our upgraded Pu…

Form Before Function

Around our household, one of us is known to prefer form before function, whereas the other is a fan of function before form. Can you guess who is a fan of form being the most important? If you guessed Bruce, you would be correct. So, what was I thinking while choosing a brown sink? I succumbed to the form before function in this case. While in Vancouver we had black countertops which showed every speck of dust and I vowed I would never have a dark countertop and then here I go and get a dark sink. What gives? I wish I knew. Once Herbert finally had the water running, I quickly discovered that I will be cleaning the kitchen far more than is my custom what with the shiny stove top, and now the sink. At least the countertop is user friendly! Plus I love it. As to the brown sink, I do love how it looks, so maybe this old lady can learn to become a form before function fan after all.

Weeks will pass without an otter sighting and then two days in a row this past week they surfaced.
Can you …

A Three Day Affair

How about this for an amusing find when the kitchen countertop was removed?
To think that those cans have been sitting there since 1985! It is quite the wonder that the kitchen turned out as well as it did, isn't it? The funny thing is that while Herbert was hooking up the sink this afternoon, I mentioned it and he said while working in another condo, just down our street, he found the same! A beer can time capsule! The tabs were quite different and a remaining price tag read $2.99.

Before that happened though, on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Bruce decided to remove the bathroom vanity top himself as there is a huge mirror that sits atop the backsplash and he just felt better doing it himself. If the mirror were to break, he wanted it be his responsibility. Watching him do these kind of things is always fascinating because he does not do demo like you see it pictured on all of the home shows. Instead, he is very careful, taking things slowly. He began by prying off the side backsplashes.