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Excitement All Around

My friends, there has been all sorts of excitement going on around here. I suspect you can guess that some of it is bird related, can't you? Sick of them? I sure hope not! Otherwise you will probably have to go elsewhere for some light entertainment because I don't see MY fascination with all things birdy diminishing anytime soon. :)
Let me just tell you that when I spotted the distinctive white head of a Hooded Merganser on our lake, I was absolutely thrilled. Times like these is when I wish I had a longer lens like many of the folks I know that are bird nuts like me. Lately, I'd seen a few local photographs and hoped they would come to me, and sure enough, they did.

It must have been that same afternoon when a Wood Duck surprised me by flying into the tree outside our door.
What you really came here for is a kitchen update isn't it? On Monday, Pete and Victor prepared the kitchen for painting with paper completely covering the backsplash,
as well as the floors and ap…

Bruce in Action

There is not a whole lot that Bruce cannot accomplish if he sets his mind to it. I am, of course, the beneficiary of his efforts for which I am most grateful. While some may have worried that he would not find enough to do in retirement, so far, so good. He's stayed very busy in the last week making our new house a home, in part because the airplane was still in the paint shop and so he was only there for one morning, leaving him free to tackle home projects.

Before we get started with all of that, more ducks just for fun.
With that out of the way, let's look at some of the ways in which our home is becoming more livable every day. Perhaps that is the wrong wording. You decide.

The newly worked pantry with linoleum tiles on the bottom shelf for easy cleaning, along with a terrific place to store my baking pans!
He rearranged the shelves making it far easier to access what I need. Before all the baking pans were stacked one on top of another which was anything but convenient. F…

This and That

Me: "Honey, will you take my picture?"

Bruce: "Sure, but you hate to have your picture taken!"

Me: Indeed, but I really want to show off the shawl that Matt spent countless hours creating and it is finally a little cool enabling me to wear it to church. The colors in my dress are so similar! I just won't look at the camera."
Later on I mentioned that perhaps I should have sat on something a little plainer, except it was then that I remembered that there is not much plain in this house! Not that I don't go through spells thinking it should be plainer, however, those spells last but a nanosecond, and I return to patterns and color because, well, I just can't help myself.

Following church, I finally had B drive me by the Habitat house in Winter Park.
Apparently, the Winter Park/Maitland chapter has built 55 homes to date which seems very impressive to me. Note the vertical sticks on the left side of the door opening because, that is one job Bruce and …