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The Heatwave Continues

To the best of my knowledge, I've never had a door slammed in my face before, that is until two days ago. Wow, it was really something, especially because it was a 96 year old woman slamming a heavy front door. Say what?

Our landscape committee, filled with volunteers, works very hard to keep our "village" looking good. In fact, should you drive in here, off crazy busy Michigan Street, you would be tempted to not believe how quiet and peaceful it is, under the giant oak canopy. That said, every now and again, the landscape beds are due for a refresh and now is the time for ours. One of the things that Ann has complained to me about, time and time again, is that the committee once removed a tree she had planted without telling her. Well, little Missy here thought it wise to let her know that the work was to begin in the next couple of days. My plan backfired big time with her shouting at me...."why did you tell me if I can't do anything about it?" I guess sh…

Nothing But Blue Skies

Indeed, we are having nothing but blue skies, for now, and the foreseeable future. Strange actually because it is time for rain, however, after the mega storms of a week or so ago, it has been dry as a bone. Not that I'm complaining mind you because the even better news is that the humidity, despite the extreme temperatures, has been very low. As I type there is 38% humidity, and yes, I checked it twice.

But, for several of those days, I remained indoors, nursing a cold. I know, "what a wuss", right? Seriously for two solid days I could not stop blowing my nose until Monday morning when it became more like a dripping faucet. I missed all sorts of good stuff, yet in these days of everyone being so germ conscious, I decided to keep it to myself. Saturday was even Bruce's birthday, and he went cakeless, if you can imagine. He spent the morning fishing, followed by the afternoon at the pool with David. What did I do except feel sorry for myself? Watched golf, that on Sat…

Long Beach, CA

To tell you the truth, we did more sitting around than anything. If you've learned anything about me, at least from my writing, it is that I am not much of a sitter, preferring to keep on moving. Alas, it was not meant to be. That said we did do a few things that may or may not interest you.

Let's see what you think, shall we?

Friday evening, the sun finally made a very brief appearance before dropping into the Pacific Ocean. The beach down the street from Hank's place is so wide and as I mentioned folks behind me in this photo were playing dodgeball.
Lowrider! You have to wonder what makes a person want to turn their car into something like this.

Saturday morning we took a walk soon after eating breakfast at Long Beach Cafe which looked promising but failed to deliver despite being open for more than 30 years. Nancy pointed out another place, however Bruce was skeptical of a place connected to a Travel Lodge. We sure learned that we were mistaken as one of the highlights …

The Memorial

I think Carol would have reacted the same as I, however, I suspect her complaints would have been even louder. I can't say as there was much good during our trip, and when I arose from my airplane seat arriving in Orlando last night, or really nearly one in the morning of today, and my foot stuck to the ground because someone left a huge wad of gum on the floor, I had had enough. So ready to get back to our little sanctuary by the lake. The flight attendant handed me a piece of tissue, as if that would have done any good. Fortunately I then stepped on a piece of cellophane that stuck to the wad, thus I could leave the plane. That sort of thing I can't keep to myself and fussed a bit, however, Carol, most likely would have fussed a lot! During the gathering several of her friends remarked that we looked similar and had many of the same hand gestures, and while that may be true, I probably might describe myself as Carol-light. Not nearly as beautiful or talented, we were, after …