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Super Saturday!

Friday afternoon, Matt and Tom arrived safely from London after an uneventful flight. The Orlando airport was another story however, with long lines for getting through customs. In part, apparently, because they have removed the handy machines that allow for quicker processing. Then too, there are a lot of folks coming to Orlando for the holiday. Just ask Nancy who endured a harrowing, traffic chocked driving trip from Atlanta, with an 11 mile backup from I-75 to merge onto the Turnpike. Unimaginable really.

The agenda for Friday evening was for them to begin the adjustment to EST, five hours behind their time.  Mission accomplished, following dinner at Tijuana Flats, and watching a movie at home. Still, they woke very early, before us, and in what was the start of a big birding day, Tom pronounced that he'd seen TWO owls out back. Not that I've seen any lately;  I guess it took a British man for them to grace us with their presence.

Following breakfast, we got off to an early…

14 More Weeks to Go!

While I haven't done the counting myself, a landscaper we talked to on our morning walk today said he manages working in the heat just that way. "Only 14 more weeks!", he proclaimed. God bless those folks who do work in this stifling heat. And, not very long after publishing my last post, we saw the last of rain for five days and counting. This guy appeared on our front walk the morning following our last rainfall.
Nature is so darn amazing, isn't it?

Last Friday our plan was to go to Cocoa Beach and it was a good one, that is until we ran into a problem. Leaving the property, the tire light came on, not something you want to see when you plan on driving 110 miles. WaWa has an air pump and being nearby, that is where we went. The problem was not solved. Heading South on Orange Avenue, we visited the tire place only to be told it would take a few hours until they could get to it. While we could have taken my car at this point, it was getting a little too late for my l…

A Swan Tale

Having a rain gauge is the best! How else would we know that we've had 7.1 inches of rain beginning on Sunday? Although they print the rainfall in our newspaper, where they measure it seems to receive far less than we do. As an example, yesterday afternoon's storm produced more than two inches here, whereas the newspaper printed, .68. Interesting, right?

Following the massive storms, we finally had a sunset, the first in what feels like weeks.
But this photo-intensive post is not about the weather, rather it is about an astonishing display of nature we witnessed two days ago. An immigration story, if you will.

Firstly, let me set the stage---Bruce and I were walking around Lake Davis, enjoying the sights, including another family of Common Galinulles. Actually there are three chicks, one is behind the parent's neck.
Plus, we came across a Mallard family that was cute as a button.
It was around this part of the lake that we saw the family of Swans from Lake Cherokee, thinki…