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Clearwater Lake and More

While we have been traveling back in time of late, lots has been happening in the here and now.
 As it always does.
 Remember the car trouble I mentioned last week? The one that interfered with my DFG duties? Still happening and all we can say is "Thank God for extended warranties!" First they replaced a part that cost around a thousand dollars. Wasn't enough. As I type, it is still over at the dealership awaiting a NEW transmission and another part!! Now Bruce has a loaner, but for a good part of the week he used either my car, or a rental car. It was quite the stressful week for my honey. 
One thing I neglected to mention about our London trip was that my glasses broke. Or maybe I did, but that fix by Team Peck worked fine, and then the other arm broke off two weeks ago. Time for new glasses which I now have had for more than a week and not a soul has noticed even though they are both a different shape and color! That's a tiny whine about becoming more invisible b…

London, the Final Installment

If it seems to you as if I have been writing about our trip to London for ages, you are correct. In a city the size of London, there is so much to see that you could write about it every day of your life and never cover all that it has to offer. Perhaps some people do just that? 
Because it had been five long years since last we visited, and who knows when we will return, I'm savoring the experience for as long as possible. Today, however, will be the last time so beware, it is photo-intensive! Beginning with color! Merely an advertisement for a burger joint, it still made me happy with the intense color palette. Speaking of burgers, every place we visited served vegan burger options, unlike our previous visits. Veganism, or so it seems, is going mainstream, or as an article in our Sunday paper called it, a "plant based" diet. I like that term, don't you? Increasingly we seem to be labeling people, a trend that does not please me much. Plant-based just sounds nice t…