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You may be wondering what the above photo has to do with today's blog--nothing at all. I just thought it was fun.

After a good night's sleep last night I awoke feeling considerably more energetic. Mostly today I've done either shopping, or spending time with Maureen. She called while I was on my way to Clemon's to pick up fruits and veggies. After loading up with goodies, I picked her up, and off we went to Lake Mary to pick up some things for her Black Friday garage sale. Let the bargains begin!

As it was almost lunch time when we arrived, after our aforementioned pick up, we stopped at a strip center with the intention of having Italian at a local spot we saw on our way by, however, the parking lot was packed, forcing me to look around for a spot. While doing so, I noticed a sub shop called Jersey Mike's. A back and forth discussion ensued--you know the kind: what do you think? do you want to try it? maybe we should check the menu? Recognize that?

I am delighted to report that we agreed it was the place for us; believe you me, we were not disappointed. There was a long line with hungry customers which is always a good sign. The longer we spent in line, the more we waffled on what to order, eventually settling on a mini Italian sub to share, along with a chipolte cheese steak sub. It was absolutely delicious, I mean seriously good. We even shared a giant Pepsi which was definitely going out on a limb for us die hard Coca Cola girls. We both left wishing there were one closer to our house. Strangely enough I returned a call to Regina when I got home, and mentioned our delicious lunch. She launched into a story about how a friend of hers was raving about the place, which she admitted to tuning out most of his excitement, but now that I was raving, she'd definitely make going there a priority. Fantastic!

I made another trip to Publix which I hope will be my last. You would think we were all vegetarians, what with the array of vegetables I bought. Let's see, there are yams, green beans, wax beans, carrots, radishes, corn on the cob, fresh spinach, potatoes for mashing, squash and zucchini, peppers, celery, cucumbers, and beautiful tomatoes filling my fridge to the max! Apples for pie, fresh cranberries, tangerines, lemons, limes and pears are brightening the kitchen counters with their vibrant colors. Seems like a late additon of Sam, the singer in Bill's band, along with his brother, visiting from Maine will make it sixteen adults for dinner around 3. I'm figuring a late breakfast for most and then an early dinner. We'll be missing our dear Matthew, Jonathan, and Alissa, however it won't be long before they are here to celebrate Christmas.

There's only one bummer connected to Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe it has been six years ago that our Mother went into a coma on Thanksgiving. As the years pass the pain eases more, but I'm not sure if I'll ever forget the call from David telling me that our mom was in serious trouble, followed by Bruce's call that I needed to go over there right away. I was getting ready to mash the giant pot of potatoes when Bruce said it was more than he could handle alone. Now, you know Bruce pretty well by now to know that if he can't handle something it must be pretty terrible. I left the rest of the dinner in my niece Laura's capable hands, jumped in the MINI driving the mile or so to see what was going on. Although we'd been planning for the end when it comes it is always a shock. There is nothing in life to prepare you for your mom (whatever kind of mom you have, whether it be good or bad) not responding. Bruce left me there alone with her and I called hospice letting them know we needed their help. Within about two hours they arrived, never leaving for her final four days. Bruce brought me a plate of food which was pretty surreal, but no more so than those left at our home to carry on as if nothing was happening. Although I'd been involved with her care for the previous five months, putting her in diapers really felled me. So that's all I'm burdening you with for now; forgive me if I've gotten too graphic. As well, I'm skipping the editing of this post for errors because, frankly, writing it is enough.

Don't you just hate how early it gets dark these days?? I don't know about Chicago for sure, but according to Matt, this time of year there are only eight hours of daylight in London. Now that would depress me to no end.
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