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Here's Looking at You Lady

Let's just start out by saying that the weather this weekend could not have been any better. Not even one tiny bit. Absolutely glorious! Who knew this could happen at the end of May? Because it was so beautiful, Sunday's market was grand. Lots of folks were there with some of them buying from yours truly.
Yup, she was trying to make up her mind, eventually settling on The Bouncer. A very sweet puppy with a very sweet owner. So, unlike the previous Sunday, take down was easy and comfortable, as in virtually no heat or humidity. Woo hoo!

Once we were unpacked, I went to check on "my" baby cardinals. Oh my goodness! They were out of the nest already! Where could they be? While I made some pizza dough I asked Bruce to hunt around the yard. No sightings. :(

HOWEVER, in a crazy twist of fate, early Monday morning, Bruce opened the bathroom window to let in some of the delightfully fresh breeze. Going in there, I heard a little cheeping--a very good sign. Just outside the w…

Lake Eola

I can't tell you the number of times people have questioned me about what type of camera I use. I bet you've wondered as well. The truth is that I have a bunch of cameras, nothing wildly expensive. I use my Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera, primarily with the terrific Panasonic 1.7 lens. As well, my Nikon D5100 usually can be found in my bike basket with the zoom lens attached. What's been missing from my lineup of late is a regular old point and shoot. Using my "found money" from Sun Dance, I bought a new Panasonic FZ200 at Costco. This morning I took it for a test drive at Lake Eola with mixed results. The thing about a camera like this one is the zoom is SO long (600mm), that it takes practice to keep it steady, something I wanted to work on today.

Week in and week out, I go to Lake Eola, however, what I see is primarily limited to our circle of vendors, those on the bridge, and the park restroom. Parking on Eola Street, I walked the whole park looking for sub…

Revolutionary Cleaning Tip!

I'm not entirely clear why it is so, but if you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll know that I have no problem with outdoor work-- in fact, I love it. Indoor work? Not so much. However, yesterday I learned something so revolutionary  that I couldn't help but want to clean more.

I love just about all things Google. If I had to pick one of their products as my favorite, I might be hard pressed. Yesterday though, it was search engine that pretty much changed my life. Yep, I'll admit it in this very space. While playing bridge with Bev, Arlene, and Barbie Monday afternoon, the talk turned to stainless steel appliances with much grumbling about how notorious they are to keep clean. Although I said I was thrilled with my new purchases, I did not admit how messy they looked as we played. That, my friends, is a thing of the past, thanks to my search mission. Neither Bruce nor I can figure out how it happened, but all over the front of our wonderful new freeze…

Saturday Night Glamour, Back to the Real World on Sunday

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn, all served up on the good china for my birthday boy!
The table was set, the food was ready, however, the guest of honor was not to be found. Actually, he was around, just sitting on the tarmac at the airport. Our strawberry shortcake dessert had to wait because by the time we finished dinner, we were both too full and tired to eat it. Nonetheless, our early birthday celebration was a success. Asking him what he thought I'd made when I told him over the phone that I was serving all his favorites, he replied that he knew it was either meatloaf or roast chicken. This is what happens when you've been married for nearly forty years!

Because I had some folks who ordered two large prints the week before Mayfaire, I had to go to Winter Garden on Saturday. Man, I wish I hadn't because aside from the those two items, I sold two cards for $6.00. And you thought I always had good days! Fortunately for me it's not often I do this poorly, but it …

Mrs. Peck Does a Little Shopping

Mrs. Peck indeed. Despite being unfashionable these days, I became Mrs. Peck in August 1973, and Mrs. Peck I shall remain.

Oftentimes, while I'm sitting at my desk, either writing or going through photographs, Baxter likes to make himself comfortable behind me, using up almost all of the available space.
There's just something about the material that he loves rubbing himself against. Perhaps I should scratch him more?

Before I left for the mall, I ate lunch while reading the newspaper. Yet another unfashionable thing I do! As is often the case, I'm struck most by the obituaries, reading about people's accomplishments which seemed so important at the time. That will be all of us my friends.

Anyway, a woman, aged 94 died whose obituary was particularly fascinating because among other things, her grandfather told Marjorie K. Rawlings about the flora and fauna of Florida while Marseille (the deceased) sat on the porch listening! "The Yearling" came from those ses…