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Tell Me Something Good

In an effort to stay awake Tuesday afternoon, I joined friends for happy hour down at the pool, figuring if I am talking I won't fall asleep. It worked. Launching into some of our challenges, Susan piped up saying, "tell me something good!" And so I shall.

We were most grateful that Michelle was able to take us to the airport and while waiting I asked B to take my photo in my entirely blue outfit. She pulled up, saying, "let me take one of the two of you!"
My blue suitcase was already in the trunk of her car! As you also well know, all of the travel that Bruce did in his work life left us with some perks, one of which is airline miles allowing us to use them for first class seats, something we would never be able to afford on our own. It was very nice although for the life of me I could never figure out all of the buttons in my little cocoon.
We left our home around noon on Monday, and after a five hour layover in NYC, we arrived in London around 11 in the morn…

Traveling with the Pros

So here's a funny story....

For nearly the entire trip we followed Matt and Tom on our travels through London, Norway, and Copenhagen as if we were the children, and they were the parents. It was a very good deal for this couple. Finally, on our last night together it was decided that we were capable to make our way to Heathrow on our own. And it began just fine with us taking the Jubilee Line to Green Park, changing to the Piccadilly Line for the final bit of the trip. Now generally, or it has been our experience, traveling on the underground is fantastic, and we've done it on our own more than once. However, when we boarded the second train there were not one, not two, but three scruffy looking young men sleeping on several seats, a definite no-no. Plus, they smelled. Because it takes 45 minutes or so to get to Heathrow we both felt uncomfortable and when the train approached a station Bruce said, let's move or something to that effect. Having been married for so long we…

Call Me Crazy

Where shall I begin?

This morning I emptied the dishwasher first thing. Not blog worthy except for the fact that I did so because our owl stayed away today. Most days this week however, we've been treated to the sight of the owl quietly perched on a tree branch. Except one morning I watched as she swooped down to the water for something tasty which she proceeded to eat on the branch. I have no clue where the other owl went, but I'm thankful for every morning when one of them shows up.
Bruce came outside yesterday and began hooting at the owl who soon proceeded to fly off!
As you can see by the blurred motion, I get excited and can't for the life of me hold the camera still!! One morning while out searching, I was most delighted to see a Green Heron perched on a fallen tree branch. Herons of every type are easily seen around these parts, the green ones not so much.
Another morning, from our bedroom window, there was some excitement when I saw a mother Wood Duck and her broo…