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Four Cameras

With all the writing I've been doing lately, you'd think I didn't take very many pictures. You'd think wrong. If you can imagine, today I used all four of my cameras, each of which are good for specific tasks. Sadly, the Panasonic pocket camera I bought last year has never gotten the use my former one did. I don't know if it is me, or the camera, but I mostly haven't had too much luck using it. I still, on the other hand, use my workhorse Panasonic Z8 that I've had for nearly four years now. I can always rely on that camera, in fact, although it's just a point and shoot with a long zoom, some of my best selling photographs have been taken with it. I started off the day reading this essay,  Natural Aging.
I am all about natural aging.

As such, after getting myself dolled up for my museum stint, to use an old-fashioned term, I brought my tripod in my bathroom to record the moment. My hair has looked like hell the last few days, what with swimming and yar…

So Nice to Have a MAN Around the House

Of course, I don't just mean any man, I mean Mr. Bruce. My posting absence is a result of having a working partner at home. Am I ever glad that was the case!

So, we went to the reunion which felt a little bit like going to the Youth Center when we were teens. We arrived. We scanned the room for familiar faces. We saw no one we knew. Not anyone. We stalled by getting food. Still no one. There were people from Lyman, Colonial, Edgewater, Bishop Moore and Winter Park. A few from Boone, including the couple who walked in with us. They knew Maureen, as did a few others we eventually talked to, but by the time we left, we could count on one hand the number of people we knew. Disappointing in some respects, however, we're still glad we went. Here's one of the bands who probably haven't changed much in the last 40 years except for going grey.
One of the guys I spoke with was the son of the man who taught me how to do Nuclear Medicine studies 40 years ago at Winter Park Hospital…

Shows You What I Know

According to Linda, one of my new friends from bridge, I was mistaken, our "juvenile" cardinal is most likely a he.
After bridge on Thursday morning, which by the way, I did a very good job of faking knowing what I was doing, we ate lunch together. I learned that not only is she a photographer, she is a birder, a ballroom dancer, a bridge player and exercises as well. Somehow the topic turned to birds, and our bird feeder;  I learned that the little crest on his head is a dead give away. So, there.

When we were young, you heard about mortgage burning parties. You don't any longer, however, I feel like having one. On Wednesday I went to the bank, withdrew the balance of our mortgage, and mailed it off. I feel good.
Not only is it a good feeling to not have debt, I'm delighted to no longer associate with Chase after the Bill situation. As such, I convinced Bruce to go out last night for a little celebration. While driving through downtown after seeing Corrine, I decid…

Best Tech Support Ever

While the children were growing up there was always a Tupperware pitcher of Kool-Aid in the house. Some favorites were grape, fruit punch, cherry and lemonade. Recently I got the notion to buy some Kool-Aid, possibly to use in an art project. Instead, I remembered something my friend Mary used to do, adding squeezed lemon slices to the lemonade Kool Aid. It's very nice and refreshing if you like that kind of stuff.

Of course, some of today's parents, the hyper aware type that they are, have some sort of notion that sugar is an enemy food which I find ridiculous. Everything in moderation folks. From what I've heard, fruit juice is also on the hit list. I'm happy to report that neither seems to have done our children any harm. I came across Apparently it's high time in yesterday's Times. Duh! Apparently it's high time indeed. Just yesterday morning while mowing the lawn I was thinking along those same lines. Have you ever read anything about exercise in this …


Remember I mentioned that I was worried about Corrine? Well, Sunday and Monday's events validated my concerns. Returning from setting me up at the market, Bruce was flagged down by Herb asking if he was strong. Does the sun come up every day? Yes, he answered, he could help. Apparently Corrine collapsed in their bedroom and was wedged between the wall and the bed. Walking into the bedroom, Bruce was greeted by Corrine in only her underpants. Herb answered Bruce's question about covering her up by saying they were too old to be worried about that. Later, when I was just backing into the driveway from the market, I saw Herb helping her out of the car. She needed it! Shuffling at a snail's pace, I rushed across the street to help. Not only was her color bad, she was very, very weak. Why they went to the grocery store together, I'll never know. To refresh your memory of these nice folks:
I took this for practice about two years ago after buying a news lens. She is much smal…

Pluggging Along

I'm pretty whipped this afternoon after planting five trays of plugs this morning in the ongoing effort to restore a green surround. For the uninitiated in plug planting, each tray holds 18 small squares of sod, which once planted, spread to meet each other. As I told you recently, much of the yard is looking fab, some not so much, with completely bare patches mostly near the street. The helpful man at Home Depot steered me to a little tool called a bulb planter which worked like a charm, not to mention it was very reasonably priced. Adding today's total to my previous planting, I've now "sown" 144 plugs. Mostly this is done on my knees which suits me just fine. Because that re-run of Spring seems to be a thing of the past, I began this chore just at daylight to beat the heat. As I type it's in the low 90's outdoors. Whew! As well, after Bruce did some much needed trimming in the jungle, I planted 15 multi-colored caladium plants. Those will be shown some…

Reading Time

Thank you very kindly for spending a few minutes reading time with me; I do appreciate your kindness.

This blog post will undoubtedly be all over the place as I feel like I'm bursting at the seams with things to write about. Before I launch into things, let me just tell you that I finally got around to watching ADELE at the Brit Awards and if you don't watch it yourself, you are really missing one of the great talents of the day. Here's a few things I love about Adele:

She's sort of big. Not grossly fat or anything, but regular size.She wears false eyelashes so well.She's got great hair.Did I mention her lips?She appears to have her own breasts.Her laugh is a cackle which doesn't seem to embarrass her in the least.Saving the best for last, that voice! It gives me either the shivers or tears.Several years ago Matt gave me her first album which was excellent, however, this new one blows me away. In fact, I have to ration my listening because I can't get the so…

Up to Speed!

I knew my computer was running slowly, just didn't realize how slow. Now, my friends, I'm zipping around my computer once again. As well, when I left you on Friday evening I shared with you that I did not curse or shout at the Apple folks. I did. Only it was later when they wouldn't let Nick call me because he was helping others and they respect their customers time. Yeah, right!

It's not something I'm proud of but the store managers cavalier attitude made me do it. I blew up using words that don't jump easily or often from my lips. I hung up after he said he'd connect me to Apple Care. I'd had enough. Well, when I called Roger a bit later to order a few prints for Sunday I told him my woes. He offered to come by after he and Trish went out to eat and I jumped at the chance.

It's been dry around these parts, very, very dry. Friday after finishing my blog post, the heavens opened up taking care of that, dropping over an inch and a half of rain in sho…

15 Minutes Turns Into 7 Hours!

When I walked up to the Genius bar, carrying my iMac and a bag with three external hard drives and the cords that go with them, I'm sure Nick NEVER thought we'd get to know one another as well as we did.

I found out that he's an only child, rarely talks to his mother in Michigan, hasn't seen his father since he was a toddler, and spent a year "male dancing" if you know what I mean. He eats candy bars and soda for meals and is thin as can be. Plus, he's Jonathan's age.

I may very well have missed my calling. For as long as I can remember, people have always told me a lot. While working my patients told me the "darndest" things which constantly amazed my co-workers. Well, the Apple store was no different. Of course, when you sit there for hours on end, conversation ensues.

Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about this little guy
while I was gone so long because Bruce was working from home as I may have mentioned. By the way, Baxter, unbekn…

Mayfaire 2011

I suspect, if you've been reading any of my recent posts, you are wondering how Lakeland treated me this year. Very well, thank you very much, although it was not nearly as wonderful as last year. Maybe I should retract that statement because even though my sales were lower, the weather was markedly better. As in, tolerable all weekend long, including the set up time.
We arrived just before the 4PM cut off time to get our registration package which included both the paperwork and goodies. Both kinds of M&M's, bottles of water, trail mix, pretzels and crackers. The reason I mention it is because both Bruce and I had to raid the goodie bag before we were done setting up to ward off famine. Please note in the above photo the blue umbrella behind my booth. Bruce fashioned a shade shelter for me to retreat to during slow times which fortunately were few. Because he was too busy to help at the show, he gave me a little knot tying tutorial hoping I could set it up by myself. I'…

We're Almost Off

The prints are ready:
 And, thanks to Bruce, the panels are all nice and fresh:

Once he gets off a conference call, we will head out to Lakeland. This morning, just after 5, Bruce packed the truck, but not before he vacuumed it!! Can you believe he vacuumed this morning? Neither can I. He wanted me to ride in style. :)

I am booth 61:Mayfaire
Last year, it was the very best show that I'd ever done before. Then I did Winter Park....
I will be oh so happy if I do nearly as good as last year. I know what I want for Mother's Day.
This cat could care less how I do:
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in my little reading circle.

P.S. I told you those plants were growing like nobodies business.