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He Drove

and drove, and drove, with your blogger spending nary a moment behind the wheel, for which she was ever so grateful.

So, are you ready for some photographic evidence of all that driving? Believe it or not, I didn't take that many photographs because we were always on the move. Here's the best editing I could manage.

Let's get started then:
Turns out I discovered there was a hole in the sole of the black shoes, so they stayed home. Instead, I wore sandals on the way up. You should have seen the looks in the Detroit and Chicago airports!

The evening before we left, a new lens I'd purchased from Amazon arrived. Here's one of the first pictures taken with this amazing lens of Bruce working feverishly preparing for our departure:
We'll talk lenses another day.

While Bruce was working, I had a little chat with Jonathan making sure things were ready for our arrival. Well....he mentioned in passing his kidney was hurting. Not good.

Early the next morning, 5AM to be exact…

Road Trips

Once upon a time a young couple embarked on a long road trip in a 1977 Toyota Corolla without air conditioning. Not to be confused with young couples searching for meaning, or adventure, said couple went in search of work. Florida, their state of residence, was struggling through a serious economic downturn; construction jobs were few and far between. Towing a little Ford Ranger truck behind them, they headed west to the promised land--California.

Now, this young couple had a little help with the trip. The young man's parents flew to Florida from their home in California, taking the couple's one year old with them, while the couple made the difficult journey across the country during the worst heat of the summer. Day after day they drove, sometimes he, sometimes she. Even then she had a serious fear of bridges. Once, during the trip, while he was taking a much needed nap, the news came over the CB radio that there was a serious bridge up ahead. Not surprising, as this was in L…


One member of our little household has escaped much notice in my blog of late, although the health of said member has been on our minds. I'm speaking, of course, about Ric Flair, our beta fighting fish, named after one of Dave's favorite wrestlers. Just writing that I can hear Dave's voice doing the imitation. Anyway, for some time now, Ric has exhibited signs of decline. Not only had his tail disintegrated, but his color was diminishing by the day. As well, I cleaned his water each week, but in the last month or so, the water would get icky after only a few days. I scoured the internet hoping to discover the source of his problems, to no avail. And so, this morning, this is how I found him:
I'd assumed that he would float to the top if he died, but it seems that is not the case. Last week I even went to the pet store inquiring about his condition, however, once again they were stymied. I do hope he didn't suffer.

Yesterday, after posting, I remembered I wanted to s…

Excellent Showing

We'd be hard pressed to find much to complain about at the DeLand Festival of the Arts. Sure, you can't get your car right next to your booth to unload, but pretty close anyway. Which, by the way, is easy for me to say because Bruce does most of the carrying. Furthermore, the organizers have thought about everything; serving the artists both breakfast and lunch in a comfortable setting, booth sitters, great security, terrific advertising, lots of prize money, and lots of patrons. Of course I didn't win any of that prize money, but that's beside the point. If I ever get good enough, I might.

Which is to say that I did win a patron award. Can you believe this ribbon?
A very nice woman who purchased from me last year came along, spending nearly $200 and a ribbon besides! It looked pretty impressive in the booth. Although patron money is not free money like prize money is, I'm pleased as punch that a patron of the show thinks enough of my work to purchase it, not just s…

The MINI has Landed!

Just after 1:00 I heard from Jonathan that indeed, the MINI arrived in Chicago safe and sound. He was excited. Make that thrilled, and after all, who could blame him? Certainly not me.

Actually, the car made the trip in record time thanks to our driver Dino, and Trish, whom I'm imagining is a dispatcher of sorts. Let me tell you in a world of diminishing customer service, Trish exceeded my expectations at every turn. She definitely went the extra mile to ensure that the experience was relatively anxiety free. Hurray for dedicated people! At one point I asked her if she was one of the owners because of both her pleasant manner, and over the top service. No, she replied, I just try to do a good job. And, she does.

I wish I could say the same for the folks over at Thrailkill Mowers. Yuk! Yesterday morning, before hanging the clothes on the line, I wanted to use our newly serviced and repaired mower to mow the grass under the line. It would not start. And again it would not start. And…


Yep, that's the plan for today. I don't want to go anywhere unless there is a dire emergency, which is, dare I say, very unlikely.

Monday morning I was waiting for our new insurance people to call with the final numbers, and to be honest, I was getting anxious because the trucking company was scheduled to pick up the MINI in the afternoon. So.....I went to the kitchen and made something new.

These days I don't go to Costco too often, nothing like the days when six people needed nourishment three times a day. My purchases are mainly things that last for months, however, on my last trip I bought a large tub of ricotta cheese to make lasagne, which by the way was not very good. What to do with the rest I wondered? Well, somewhere in the back of my mind I knew people made cheesecake with ricotta, although I'd never done so. For that matter, I'd never made cheesecake period. Everyone's new best friend, Google, led me to a recipe by Martha Stewart.(http://www.marthas…

Where's Gail?

I do so hope you've been wondering why the heck Gail has not posted all week--that means you've missed me!

Last Saturday afternoon when I made my last post I never expected that a week would pass before I was composing once again, but that's what's happened, as you well know if you're a regular reader. If you've missed me, I apologize for my absence. If you've enjoyed the break, that's okay as well.

So let's back up a week shall we?
Saturday, a heartbreaking loss by Florida State in the final seconds. It might have been my fault because I didn't drink my morning tea in the lucky mug Bruce's mom gave me.Sunday, because there was no market, we took full advantage of the situation by going to the Concourse d'Elegance and having lunch on Park Avenue. Here's one of the neatest things we saw:
It's a 1934 Packard--the peacock ornament is an antennae! Very cool. And, who wouldn't be happy on a holiday in this aptly named beauty?
Later o…

Out & About

I can hardly imagine that after more than 700 posts, I've yet to use this title, however, it seems as if that is the case. Once I begin typing in the the title bar, previous names pop up, allowing me to not repeat myself. I've a feeling you wouldn't remember either way, but I might. I can hardly believe I've just typed that about myself. With my memory--preposterous!

Anyway, when I began my little business more than three years ago I chose the name Out & About Photography because that's what I mostly did. The baby camera and I went in search of photographic subjects near and far. It worked fairly well until the day I photographed the flowers on Bruce's desk successfully. Remember this:

I discovered that I could take photos at home that people would like, much to my everlasting gratitude. Furthermore, it's a lot easier than traveling around in all sorts of weather. Creativity and ingenuity is what it takes, which is challenging in its' own right. But …

Link City

Today it's all about links. I've been surfing the web my dear readers.

First off, this comes as no surprise does it?
Pathetic really.

I've finally read something worth talking about- a book of short stories by Karen Joy Fowler. Click on the link to see what others have to say: What I have to say is that the first story in the collection, The Pelican Bar, was simply amazing. A troubled teen is abducted with her parent's consent to "rehab" in an unnamed seaside location. Whoa....

The promised cold front has arrived, with cheers from your overheated blogger. As such, today I am wearing my new pair of "jeggings." Apparently, I have good company: Purchasing them during the summer from Nordstrom Rack, I was not sure how I'd feel about them,…