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And Then There Were Three

It is an age old question, isn't it? Do animals, and in this case, birds, have feelings? What must this mama duck be feeling?
It must have been on Monday afternoon that as I was sitting at my "desk" I noticed the Cormorants were back; naturally I went out back to investigate. What to my wondering eyes should appear but ducklings! And not just a few, but what seemed to be a bunch, as reported in my last post that, according to my statistics page, largely went unread. That often happens because when I have time to write and post, others are busy, and so on. But I digress--- yesterday, after heavy rain storms, the sun came out briefly allowing me to check on the ducklings. Who knew how painful it would be to see them all but disappear in just a few days?
Although the lighting is not the best, when I first discovered them, there were, get this--13!!
Tuesday morning while taking my shower, I saw them through the window, immediately hopping out, throwing on my dress and flip f…

A Spell of Exceptional Weather

The weather this past week is why millions of people visit Florida in the springtime. Glorious, with bright blue, mostly cloudless skies, gorgeous shades of green, and very low humidity. The key, by the way. Come late May, the humidity will be high, the sun blazing hot, and the following six months mostly miserable. But that is then and this is now.

Last Saturday, when the annual St. Patrick's day party was to happen, the weather was not nearly so lovely, with dark clouds rolling in, the fear of a wash out was high. I am on the resident relations committee, recruited by Michelle, I might add, and my task for the party was cabbage. Lots of cabbage.
As a girl if you'd mentioned eating cabbage, I would have run for the hills, however, now that I've learned to cook it without boiling, it is one of my favorite vegetables. Not more favorite than broccoli, but pretty high on the list.

Although there were indeed a few sprinkles, it was a good crowd,
who enjoyed the Irish band,
as …

Time Keeps on Slippin, Slippin...

And so it does. The brave face I wore all week fell apart this morning during the church service, however, I've now got my wits about me and so I carry on. Rather than this being a sad post, let us celebrate life instead. Shall we? And what better way than to show you this Opposum I saw roaming behind the house yesterday? Before you think I've made a spelling error, I've learned that indeed this is the correct spelling because a Possum is a whole other animal in parts of the world. Care to know more? Click here.
Before our unplanned trip to California, I'd written that in my next post I would show you the owl that came to visit, and I mean that seriously because when first I spotted what I thought was an owl, turned out there were two way high in the tree.
Don't know if they understood me when I had a little chat with them, but before long, the smaller of the two flew down on a branch just behind our place, staying there long enough for not only a photo shoot, but …