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Picture Fest

Well, well, well. Things are looking up. As you can imagine, I was more than delighted to hear from Apple on Friday afternoon. All better now.

Plus, Bruce finally came home on Friday night. I'm bracing myself for more weeks like last one. This morning before he left I wrote down his slate of jobs which is extensive. 10, yes I did say 10 projects going on at once. One of those jobs is in Watertown, NY, the place of his birth. It just so happens to be one of the snow capitals of the United States. You get my drift? Alas, an unexpected pun!

The weekend was good. A movie and dinner date on Saturday night. I am, to put it mildly, a huge Robert Duvall fan so it was a given we'd need to see his latest in the theater. We were not disappointed in the slightest with Get Low. It's hard to imagine that RD is 79 years old. My, oh my. He just gets better with age, however, he was mighty fine in Lonesome Dove.

NEWS FLASH! I sold some things on Sunday. Except for a few drizzles, the weathe…

A Quickie

Much to my surprise, I had to leave my BRAND NEW computer at the Apple store and needless to say, this did not make me happy. My impression prior to getting there was that they would take off the face, retrieve the card, and I'd be on my way. Didn't work out that way.

The "genius" took it in the back and most likely turned it on it's side to shake it out, much like what I'd tried, returning shortly to report that they'd have to work on it later. Boo hoo!
I'm very happy I'd not given my old computer away just yet because in a very cavalier tone, at least to my ears, he said they'd need to keep it for three days! Now, if I'm away from the house, say on vacation, I'm good with no computer around. Not so much at home. Anyway, having plugged the old one back in, I'm even more aware of the speed, or really, the lack thereof. Oddly enough though, it's once again reading my external hard drives. Go figure.
The door is still in limbo with…


Can you believe I've never used that title before? Amazing really considering what I've been up to these three years. Well, I'm using it now!

Yesterday while driving to the Polasek I heard a piece on Morning Edition about a Latino children's alphabet book. Hmmmm..........

Previously, the museum never allowed outside events inside the gallery spaces, however, that is all about to change. Or, at least that's what they are hoping. As I've mentioned, the new folks are loaded with all kinds of energy and ideas.Whereas before there was tension in the air, these days people seem genuinely excited. There are a lot of new volunteers for both the gardens and the galleries which will add even more energy. Arriving before 9, I figured it would take maybe two hours. I was wrong!  Here's how things looked with the first set up:

As you can see, I was shooting towards the window which is a bit of a challenge, however, yesterday's overcast skies, and a little later torre…


Seriously, I'm ashamed of my whining yesterday. You would think it was all about
when in fact, it's not. Enough already Gail!
However, there is one last thing about me I want to share:
My non-existent eyes? No, really what I wanted to show you is a new setting I discovered on my camera last evening. Bruce and I visited the Bahama Breeze in Altamonte last night, which is always a little bittersweet for several reasons. One is because he spent an outrageous amount of time on that job, the other is because we often met Bruce's mom there for celebratory meals. I digress--the setting is a soft focus on the face! What could be better for an aging woman I ask? Nothing in the camera realm anyway! Now if only I could open those eyes more! Obviously I had Bruce try it out at home before we left the house, although he wouldn't allow me to do likewise.

After writing that post yesterday morning, a Sunday School song kept popping in my head which goes like this:
Count your blessings, Cou…


If you wanted to start your week with a happy little diversion reading my blog, you've come to the wrong place. I'm not going to lie to you--I'm very discouraged at the moment, even going so far as to break into tears last evening.

What, you ask, brought me to tears? Another slow, slow day at the market. I know, I know, it's August, it's hot, and the recession just won't go away. But still...I hope, week after week, for things to get better. Sadly, they are just getting worse! Last year during the month of August, which was also sweltering, rainy, and the recession was in full force, I sold $2,243. Are you ready for this? To date, which means  missing only one week, my total sales---are you ready? $254. Yes, you read that right;  I'm sure you're doing the math, a little more than 10% of last year.

Practically speaking, this means that I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. As well, it means I'm spending money for shows and such with no money co…

Week in Review

Let's start with a little travelogue shall we? Taken by two hipsters with the Hipstamatic application on the iPhone:

Now that was amazing, right? I hope you clicked on the upper right corner of the screen and watched it as a slideshow. Makes you totally want to see Barcelona for yourself. For the longest time, well really a few months, I didn't make the connection between the word, application, and software--pretty much one and the same. So, if you're like me, and didn't get it before, now you do. This modern life is full of such traps isn't it?
Tuesday Maureen and I had an outing. We went to see the film, The Kids are All Right,  which has garnered some of the best reviews of the year. First off,  I'm not at all uncomfortable with lesbians. For obvious reasons, I am delighted that one aspect of modern life is greater acc…

Collage Crazy

Am I ever having a blast making collages. All that I've been observing, of both my surroundings, and the culture these last three years, is now making it's way into collages. After Dana saw the Polasek poster she said that what she'd like to see is one with funky stuff--no birds or flowers thank you very much. I took that idea and ran with it. Mr. Roger completed one of them in a 30x40 canvas which I picked up on Tuesday evening. Let's put it this way--it's an attention grabber for sure. The reason I'm not showing you is because I rarely, if ever, show what I sell in my blog. I know that sounds a little paranoid, and the truth is that probably no one would want to steal my images, but in this day and age, you never know. Prudence--an excellent word to live by.

I will, on the other hand show you this funny sight from Sunday's market:
Make it larger by clicking on it! It's a little guy with a lawn mower! Can you believe it? What will they think of next?


Up & Running

Whew! Am I ever glad to be fully functional once more.

Picture this:

Your favorite blogger searched high and low for a parking place not too far from the mall entrance. Did I mention that it was 3 in the afternoon and sweltering? Well, it was. Wrestling the 21" iMac out of the car,  I struggled to carry both the computer and the bag containing the two hard drives. The parking lot was like molten asphalt. Not that I've ever seen or felt that but it sounds good doesn't it? The reminds me of how I think it's so crazy that they attempt to say the weather/temp feels like such and such. To whom I ask? Sorry, getting off track there....

Have you been in an Apple store lately? It's loud. It's crazy busy. Making my way through the crowd with said equipment in my arms, I moved to the back of the store to the Genius bar. A nice young man noted my appointment. At first glance I wondered if I would have to stand there for 10 minutes or so holding the computer, however, a s…

Computer Crazy

At the moment I'm about to go crazy as my computer is giving me fits. A trip to the Apple store this morning convinced me to return for a check up. Bruce suggested I go buy a new one a few days ago, and that was my intention, however, before I give up on it, I'll give them a chance to tell me what's gone wrong.

Making the collage for the Polasek gave me the idea for a new avenue to travel. As such, I've made a few urban ones, which I think turned out kinda neat. Several days ago, out of the clear blue, my computer no longer recognized my external hard drive which contains my iPhoto library. Three years worth of practice! Trying not to panic, I reset the computer several times and all appeared to be forgiven.

Not so fast Miss Gail. While trying to make a collage of green leaves this morning, once again, it all disappeared without warning. Instead of blocks of colors you should be seeing fronds, leaves, and so forth, but alas you are not! You are seeing blocks of color. …


Once upon a time there was a family, Max, Regina, Arthur and Abby, living happily everafter on Appleton Ave. Admittedly, two members of the family were of the canine variety, Welsh Corgi to be exact, however, they were important members nonetheless. 

Max was the first to leave the happy home, succumbing to cancer four years ago, leaving the three remaining to carry on without him. A big hole was created where Max had once been. Slowly, but surely, Regina, Arthur and Abby did carry on. Then, old age caught up with Arthur, and he too left home.

And then there were two. Dutifully, and not without great affection and love, Regina cared for Abby, walking her two times daily, preparing her favorite dishes, and making her comfortable in every way. For a time Abby was lost without Arthur, not unlike Regina felt when Max was gone. Soldier on they did, day after day, the routines rarely varying.

Age began to take it's toll on Abby this year. Where once she would trot up the street past our…

Monsoon Market

Despite the fact that our summer drought decided to officially come to an end an hour after we set up at the market, it was a good weekend. One moment it was threatening, the next, the rain was coming down fast and furious. Naturally, our favorite project manager had the sides all ready for the weather.  Arriving just moments before the downpour, Roger and Trish were able to help me secure things. We huddled in the middle of the tent until lightening forced us to run for serious cover under the adjacent building's overhang. Coming to my rescue, Bruce arrived just as we were making our run. By 11:30 we were back home, arranging prints and canvases around the house to dry out. Just before leaving I took this photo of Dana in front of where our tent resides.

She plans on sending it to her boss with the message that they are not paying her enough! I looked just like Dana--soaked to the skin!

Friday night was super fun. One of Bruce's oldest friends, Bill, along with his wife and da…

On the Kitchen

Some folks can't imagine that I cook dinner for myself every night regardless if Bruce is home. I can't imagine not. Often times there are leftovers from Monday night, but most nights I start from scratch. Occasionally I even bake, however, these days I try and keep that to a minimum. One of those occasions arose on Wednesday. I just had to have that most delicious pound cake that I think I've already told you about. This time I borrowed the pan Corrine uses when she makes it. The loaf pan is about a foot long, a size that I've never encountered before. 
Because I've been cooking/baking for years and years, most times things come out just as planned. This time not so much. Although I used a toothpick to check for doneness, the toothpick was wrong. I should have used a piece of spaghetti as I've often done. Anyway, once the cake cooled, I discovered the apex was not entirely cooked. Disappointing to say the least. Nonetheless, here is my breakfast of champions:

The Votes are Tallied

Actually, there was only one vote. Good enough for me.

Seriously, I'd no intention of discontinuing my blog because as I've said before, it's great for me to go back in time, reading and seeing what was happening. See--I told you a good memory was overrated! I've got a blog for that. :-)

Here's something I'd rather forget--the decimation of our lovely yard. Apparently more weed killer was applied than typical, thus, not only do we have no weeds, we have no grass. This is but just one of the horrible patches. The applier of this overkill has been terminated, which does us no good. We've got to see the results of his mis-application for ages. Yesterday, while our gardener was here, I asked him about laying fresh sod before September, as the lawn spray people have promised if there is no improvement. Won't work Gail. New sod will die as well. What we need is rain, rain, and more rain. And you thought I was exaggerating didn't you?
At least I can console…