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Got your attention didn't I? We'll get to that in a minute, but first I wanted to share this timely review: Sadly, medicine is not what it used to be. In fact, just last week while at the symposium (their fancy word not mine!), I kept thinking to myself--self, do you really ever want to be a part of the medical machine again? And the answer is, probably not. I'm pretty cynical when it comes to medicine these days. It's long been the case that 90% of all radiology procedures are normal. Now, however, that figure is probably even higher as more and more unnecessary procedures are performed to CYA. As well, patients share some of the blame because they want more and more tests done after "researching" their conditions online. I abhor drug advertisements and all that goes with that. Why in the world prescription drugs were ever allowed to be advertised I will never know. WHO, but the drug companies, does it pr…

Photo Intensive Post Ahead!

Good afternoon my wonderful readers. Another busy day at the Peck household, although today's man count is only five. Four, for most of the day, with Daryl, Phil's son-in-law, showing up an hour ago. You do remember Phil from the cast of characters don't you?

Danny arrived early with a helper to do the window removal and install. By the way, I mentioned the truck in the front yard for the weekend in my last post---
Well, obviously we lived with it, however, for not too much longer. Within a few hours the windows should all be in place. Here's how it's unfolded:
Danny using both a small crow bar like tool and a super duper utility knife to ease the windows from their fastenings, both caulk and metal frames.
Here is Danny and helper with the first one removed. Note the pool water color. Amazing that there has been no filtration for nine days now. No one seems to have an explanation for that.
Saturday the guys worked more on the bed that you see, removing the last of the …

Trench Story

Here a trench, there a trench, everywhere trenches! And you thought you'd be reading about brand new windows didn't you? Not yet my friends. Friday's window installation was delayed until Monday which was just as well because around these parts Friday was a busy day for trenches.

As in, trenches all over the back yard! First the plumber arrived to take water to the back side of the house. Our only hose was at the side fence, a pretty good distance to drag said hose. So....add a new hose bib, as the professionals call it, to the list of improvements. Weirdly enough, it was a man who we once knew fairly well, only to have lost touch for many, many years. In fact, it's been so many I did not even recognize him. Matt will surely recognize the name of Paul Wilson. At any rate here's his trench:
Note the size of those remaining roots! They are of the running variety which makes them more of a menace. This morning while I was helping at the museum, two fellas came to keep …

Demolition in Earnest

WARNING: Photo intensive blog post ahead!

You undoubtedly know the song by B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone" don't you? Well, it occurred to me when thinking about the title for today's post. I was going to go with "The Deck is Gone" which you'll soon see. But what really struck me is that we have had loads of thrills on our deck. Great family gatherings and dance parties. It's not just our deck that's gone, a little piece of our history is gone. Pretty soon it will be time to make new thrills!

Okay, here's what's happening. Yesterday morning Paul arrived with a wet saw on wheels. Fortunately I had my Polasek duty for some of the time he was working so I only had to hear it for about four hours. Actually around 5:00 I went over to Angela's house with Baxter for a little quiet time. He left soon thereafter.

 Here's a look at the prep stage:

 Notice the color of the pool water after three days of no filtration.
Off to the sides, around…

The Old & the New

Friday, while over on Colonial Drive, I remembered someone told me the new kid in town opened about a week ago. Naturally I had to check it out, mostly to see what their frames are like, but I discovered all sorts of goodies. Of what/whom do I write you ask? 
Yep, they opened up in the old Circuit City space at Colonial Plaza, or at least that's what I still call the shopping center. Perhaps there's a new name, but old habits die hard for me! I still call the 408, the East-West Expressway. Sounds like I'm not adapting to the times doesn't it? Not really, it's because there are so many roads beginning with 4 that it's easier for me to keep them all straight that way.

While checking out with these little pretties,
I noticed the clerk was typing in all the prices. Imagine that--a large retailer that does not use bar coding. As well, they are closed on Sundays. When I questioned her regarding the bar coding, she explained that the owner wants the folks to handle the …

Let the Demolition Begin!

It has my friends.

Actually, as I type I'm listening to the sound of the stump grinder working VERY hard to remove the remnants of the ugly Spanish Bayonet. If only I can get Bruce to remove the other one...

Anyway, when I returned home from the symposium yesterday this is what I saw:
Still working on this area but look, we have a house:
Mr. Bruce devised and executed a plan to cover up the view of our neighbor's ugly shed:
This will undoubtedly require time to cover, but oh future happy days is what I have to say!  He was an extremely tired boy after this project; thank goodness the weather is a tad cooler. Take a look at this great view:
 I cannot be happier to see those ugly air conditioners go away!
I had no idea it was happening yesterday so it was a wonderful surprise. Because they were on the side of the house where no one goes, Bruce saw no real reason to remove them befor,e but because he loves me he agreed to it while we have this great crew. While hanging clothes after a…