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Eleven Hours Plus

You guessed it--that's how long I slept, going to bed right around 7:30 last night. I woke up thinking that if I don't look rested today, I never will! Probably if Bruce were home, instead of in freezing Illinois, I'd have made it to nine, but alas he wasn't, so there I was snuggled under the covers just an hour after the sun set. Speaking of sunsets, isn't it wonderful that light is returning to our days? I was actually cleaning the pool around 6 last evening, with Baxter barking wildly by my side I might add, thinking how glorious it was not to be dark already. As you can well imagine I was not as thrilled about the constant influx of leaves in the pool...

I'm finally going back to the Polasek today after missing three out of the last five weeks. I'm writing this before I have one of my favorite breakfasts--buttered toast dipped in V8 juice. Now before you go all, what kind of breakfast is that on me, let me tell you it is delicious--sort like pizza without the cheese. Way back when I was in third grade I was best friends with a girl named Debbie Taylor. Most of the time I never spent the night with friends because of my protracted stint as a bed wetter, however, every now and again I did. The Taylor family ate toast dipped in tomato juice and after trying it once I was hooked. These days with the little cans of juice it's much nicer. My older readers will surely remember the large tomato juice cans and how they got all icky on the top if not consumed quickly. I'm now set for a while having returned from one of my Zellwood trips with almost a full case. One of the things that is so hard to get accustomed to when someone dies is that you can never ask them any important questions like "did you every try dipping your toast into V8?"

Another thing I'll never know is what time period this came from:Now, I'm not new to sewing, having learned when I was in the eight grade, so I know this zipper is pre-1965, just not how much earlier they were packaged as such. Actually it seems very efficient to me; I'm wondering why they ever went to the flat packages in the first place. I'm thinking of writing to the company for the answer since I can't ask Judy. I came home with both her sewing box, as well as what I'm thinking his her mothers. Both were filled with notions and what is most striking is that every single thing is made in America. I plugged in a pair of electric scissors and they worked like a charm. Who knows how old they are, although maybe only forty years or so, as I seem to remember when they were all the rage. Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

Did I neglect to mention that my eighth grade Home Ec teacher told me I'd never learn to sew? She underestimated my desire for new clothing! Just ask any of our sons about all their homemade clothing, from pjs to jams. Jams, you ask? It makes me chuckle to think about how I'd try and imitate the styles of the day. Jams, were surfer shorts back then. Another time I cut the Levi's tag off the back of jeans, using it to make the jeans jackets look more authentic. Being the practical woman that you've come to know so well from this blog, I never spent much time on costumes. Way too much trouble for a one night stand. I was all about the basics baby!

The weather continues to stymie my photography efforts, both in the making of new interesting images, and in the retail end of things. I did manage to eek out some sales on Sunday, once the sun returned from it's perpetual hiding place, for which I'm grateful. I talked to Mr. Roger last night to find out if one of his other customers was picking up my slack. These are the last of the roses from the beautiful bouquet he and Trish sent to our home.

V8 and toast time folks--get yourself a little juice glass, toast the bread very dark and cut into strips, dunk and munch!
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