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Fred Waring is Back in Town!

Why, of course he is--it's Christmas time! For new readers, I could easily do without presents at Christmas, but I could NOT do without listening to The Meaning of Christmas by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. Nostalgia, my friends, is a powerful thing. I've written about this every Christmas for four years so you would think that would be enough, however, it is not. Not only is it nostalgic because I listened to it as a child, but the times of which they sing are so far removed from today's reality that I just enjoy going back in time. Seriously, what would be the appeal of a song called, Snow, to a Florida girl? Don't know. Just love it! Apparently, it is no longer available except for the folks selling it through Amazon, re: the provided link. Crazy expensive!

I was happily decorating the tree to the glorious sounds until I needed to stop and finish the soup I was making for dinner.
Vegetable Beef in case you're wondering. It was so nice to have Bruce home to cook for! I don't know what he was thinking when he asked me if it was homemade. Seriously Bruce? He's been eating out far too much, that's a fact. Because he was leaving early Tuesday morning, he finally enjoyed a bit of time just relaxing on the couch after we ate.
You might notice he's in short sleeves and that would be because it is very WARM here! As in the middle 80's! Allegedly there will soon be a dip in the temperatures but I'm not holding my breath.

Before I continue, there are two things about Sunday night I must get to. First, I stand corrected. A commenter let me know that indeed the band member from Wild Feathers that I thought was a girl is most certainly a boy. So, there's that. Secondly, before the concert we got a bite to eat at a Sports Bar across from the arena. Entering, we saw there wasn't an empty table in the place. So.....I asked a young couple if we could share their table and I'm delighted I did because they were not only nice, but interesting as well. Canadians from Winnipeg, he is spending a year working at the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot. Haven't been there in years I must admit. She, on the other hand, spent the last seven months managing her Dad's hotel  in Churchill, Manitoba, which for those of you, like me, ignorant about Canadian geography, is in the ARTIC! Think Polar Bears. Think Beluga Whales, which according to her and this site with photos, collect in the thousands in the Churchill River each summer. She even saw a baby being born!!! Fascinating stuff.

Now here's a sweet story about some friends of ours. The mom, Anna, not only used to work with Bruce, but also helped me when we got our granite kitchen counter tops. With such a variety of choices out there, she presented me with three choices and that was that. These days she has her own interior design firm, specializing in, of course, restaurants. For Orlando diners, The Ravenous Pig is one of her projects. Not only attractive, this restaurant is one of the top rated in the city.

Monday, while decorating, and making soup, I also did the laundry. Exciting stuff!! Anyway, while taking the clothes off the line I had to show off one thing. More often than not, while shopping for gifts, I purchase for the intended recipient. Not so last year while purchasing some pj's for Alissa at Nordstrom. I could NOT resist these, at least to my eyes, adorable pajamas from P. J. Salvage. Even Bruce, not so much a polka dot man, remarked before he left for work, how cute and cozy they are.
I'm also pretty partial to the hanging plaid shirt. A Free People blouse purchased at a discount (surprised?) from Nordstrom Rack.

While at Target last week I picked up a tube of glow stick bracelets. What, pray tell, I was expecting for a dollar, I don't know. Anyway, putting them all together was a bit of a pain and I'm not convinced it was worth it because they were not so glowy, what with missing half of the glow juice.
After trying all sorts of flowers in this pot, finally it seems as if I have a winner.
There are two like this and are they ever providing some bright color to the back yard.

Once again I was shopping. Before I left, I picked up my Olympus, then thought better of it, saying to myself, "Gail, you've got a smart phone now with a camera if anything should arise." Well, it did and I was a clumsy fool, taking a video instead of a picture! I glanced up and thought to myself, "Why, that looks like Mrs. Mitchell." Mrs. Mitchell, infamous in our lives for telling this young mother that my son was no smarter than any other three year old when I knew differently. Trying to be discreet when you aren't so skilled is no easy task. I did take a video which I've no idea how to share. This picture of me trying to concentrate is pretty darn funny. Me and that tongue of mine!
Both Matt and I can't imagine she is still alive because she seemed ancient 32 years ago! I'm still thinking it was her though. She has a face one doesn't easily forget even if one is notorious for having a pathetic memory.

Don't be fooled by this picture friends, the ornaments are not fully done. Instead I wrapped gifts last evening and had long conversations on the phone with Bruce, Bill and Jonathan. Love my Peck men!
Finally, my dahlias are blooming up a storm. Although I was hesitant because of the expense, I'm thrilled I put them in the ground for everyone to enjoy. I would say they bring cheer to gray days, however, I'd be lying. The sun is shining brilliantly.
Good grief, where has the time to forage for breakfast.


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